NeNe Vs. Dwight on the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Premiere
NeNe Vs. Dwight on the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Premiere
Reunited and It Feels So Good
They're back, they're back! The Real Housewives of Atlanta have returned for season 3 with two new Housewives and plenty of drama. Atlanta has good news for us and for the acting world: Sheree wants to pursue an acting career. YES! Her acting coach, who borrowed her wardrobe from the set of Lizzy McGuire, takes herself very seriously. Especially for a woman teaching an acting class in Sheree's house. Even more delightfully, NeNe brings over an issue of Us Weekly divulging that Kim is now bisexual. Crazily, NeNe is willing to pursue a friendship with Kim again. 

Kim stops by NeNe's house, having forgiven her. Kim looks like she's worried NeNe might murder her. So, obviously now that Kim is into a woman named Tracy, she's not with Big Poppa anymore, nor is she still "chasing dick." She's still wearing that ring, though! NeNe has since become the breadwinner of the household, as the economy hit Greg's real estate job pretty hard. Supposedly, Greg called Dwight to borrow $10,000 and NeNe didn't know about it. NeNe tells Kim, "you know Dwight has a fake nose." Interesting, because you look ... different, NeNe. But Kim and NeNe are friends now. I hope it lasts.

Kandi is slowly recovering from AJ's unexpected death, but she's getting into the dating scene again. And she's getting into it with the Baltimore Redskins professional running back Willis D. McGahee. But Willis isn't getting into her, because she made a celibacy bet (but don't worry, oral sex isn't eliminated). Geww. 

Meanwhile, Kim's daughter, Brielle, is dating (ohhh those braces) and Kim hopes she instilled the same values in her daughter that she grew up with. Even though she claims to have been "chasing dick since [she] came out of the womb." Brielle is awkward with a capital A, but isn't every 13-year-old?

Meet Phaedra
New Housewife and self-proclaimed Southern belle, Phaedra, is an attorney to the stars and a legend in her own mind. And she's married to a man named Apollo. She's pregnant with their first baby and doesn't want to give it a weird name (like Phaedra or Apollo?). She also wears a lot of big hats and is friends with Dwight, so I'm on board. Dwight is a little pissed at Sheree because she wasn't very grateful after he helped her with the She by Sheree fashion show. 

NeNe invites Kim to the B Chic shoe boutique event, where Dwight will also be. So it's time to confront Greg, who has been all secretive and shady and laughs at the idea when NeNe confronts him about the borrowed money. Greg claims that he and Dwight went in together $500 each on "an investment." Also, Sheree says that Dwight's claim that he put $30,000 into She by Sheree is unfounded. Very interesting!

Drama at the Shoe Boutique
We know it all goes down at the B Chic Boutique. In the car ride there, NeNe admits to Kim that she's not really in love with Greg anymore, and she plans to give Dwight a check. At B Chic, Sheree wants to know, "Where are the hot shoes?" Don't pull the wool over our eyes, B Chic! Regardless, Dwight is in trouble and he doesn't even know it. By the way, NeNe doesn't think Phaedra has the proper fabulosity. After getting sufficiently liquored up, NeNe gets in Dwight's face. Fabulosity.

She yells at him, hands Dwight the check, which he rips up. And then there's just a lot of talk and it seems that Dwight got run down by the NeNe Train. Awkward. After NeNe leaves, Dwight claims publicly that he is a tiger and he will fight. NeNe regrets not staying calm enough to get any answers. Well that was fun! Another successful shoe event!  And we still have to meet the other new Housewife, Cynthia! 

I'm so excited for this new season, are you? What do you think of Phaedra? What's going on with Dwight? Do you miss Lisa?

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