NeNe Tweets: Atlanta Housewife Goes on Twitter Rampage
NeNe Tweets: Atlanta Housewife Goes on Twitter Rampage
Okay, maybe that headline is a little extreme, but did anyone else see NeNe tweeting up a storm during the finale and Kim's baby shower on Watch What Happens Live? She flew off the handle and had some less-than-kind words for Kim.

Here's what NeNe had to say during the episode (toward the end of it.)

By the way, NeNe usually responds to a tweet by Re-Tweeting, then adding on her piece at the end after "<." To each her own. In case you weren't sure that they really aren't friends anymore, here's what NeNe started tweeting during Kim and Kroy's "baby shower" on Watch What Happens Live, which aired right after the finale.

Then the tirade continued, and it didn't even seem to be related to the show, it was just focused on hating Kim (and one nice thing about Cynthia's wedding.)
NeNetweet3.jpgNeNetweet4.jpgAll Kim had to say in response was this:
Kimtweets1.jpgKimtweets2.jpgI know a lot of people don't like Kim, but I will say this: she is the most consistent Housewife. Kim is always Kim, and we pretty much know what to expect from her. Also, I think pregnancy has softened her, judging by her appearance and demeanor on Watch What Happens Live.

There's so much hate on the internet! If you're still not satisfied and want more Kim vs NeNe action, you'll have to wait two weeks until the reunion, when they go at it again! #whyyousoobsessedwithme

(images courtesy of Twitter and Bravo)