Exclusive Interview with DeShawn Snow from 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'
Exclusive Interview with DeShawn Snow from 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Though it feels like it just started, tonight makrs the first season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The Real Housewives franchise is a bonanza for Bravo, so another season of the Atlanta ladies is not out of the question.

BuddyTV spoke to DeShawn Snow, one of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, about her experience on the show. She spoke about watching it with her family, her NBA husband, and her relationship with the other housewives. Continue reading for a full transcript and to listen to our exclusive interview.

What is the hardest part of being on this show?

Well, during taping, I got pretty comfortable with the cameras. In fact, at a certain point, you kind of forget that they are there, and your everyday life just goes on. When things happen, you can't take it back because the cameras are there, and you kind of get used to it. But then, with the show coming on and airing, it's been very interesting. I've been getting a lot of nice emails and everything, but I've been getting some crazy ones as well. Some things can go as planned, of course, and as shown on TV, it was like, “I wish that wasn't there.” But at the end of the day, you learn from it. You grow from it. You kind of tuck it underneath your belt and keep moving. What can you do?

How exactly do you watch it? Do you get together with a group of your friends? Do you watch it by yourself or with your family?

Well, we actually get a tape a couple days before it airs, and then usually my family and I go downstairs in our theater room and we'll watch it all together. So my very close friends and my family, they all come over and we watch it every week.

What does your family think of it? Because, you know, raising three boys and your husband in the NBA, how do they deal with this whole experience?

Well, they're excited for me. They love the show, of course, and they're my number one fans. So they're really excited for me because it's actually a great stepping stone, especially for the foundation. You know, I've been doing it for three years, and a lot of people didn't really know about it until us getting so much positive response. A lot of people all over the country wanting to participate, and other established organizations. So, it's been great and they're just really excited that I have that platform.

How is your relationship with the other housewives?

Well, during taping, I'm cordial to everyone. NeNe and I were the closest during taping. We grew closer during taping, and we're still close. She and I talk the most. The other ones, when we have to do things together, we see each other, but we don't too much talk all the time. Just watching it, of course, we didn't know what other people say because we don't see it and we see it just a few days before it airs, and it kind of catches you by surprise that certain things were said, but I don't too much care about it or worry about it. It doesn't change how I feel about anything.

What sort of things can we hopefully look forward to with you on the show?

Well, we've actually got to see the last couple of episodes because, but they didn't show a lot. We filmed a lot with the foundation. They had a bonus clip on their website with one of the scenes, but it wasn't in the show, and they didn't show a lot with the kids. A lot of people were lobbying or emailing, saying, “Why aren't you spending time with your kids?” Well, of course, I spend time with our kids. It's our every day life. We spend time with our kids every day. But it's TV and it's entertainment, and they chose to pick and choose what they wanted to show, and they didn't show that much with the kids. They did a lot of things: a baseball game, soccer, swimming. You know, we had a lot of things we did with the kids, but a lot of that didn't make it. So I'm sad they didn't put a lot of stuff with my boys, as well as the things with the foundation girls.

Are they happy about it? Or are they disappointed? Did they want to see themselves on TV?

Well, my boys are really young. They're 5, 6 and 10, and they're just really excited about it all. They saw themselves on it earlier, and they say, “Are we going to be on it this time? Are we going to be on it this time” And even when they aren't, they're really excited about it. People at school tell them, they say them or they see their mom. So it's kind of cool because they're used to it, in a sense from Eric, but now from me.

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-Interview conducted by John Kubicek
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