Drama by Bravo: NeNe's Not Feeling it, Beverly Hills Rakes it in, and 'Millionaire Matchmaker' Ruins Lives
Bravo knows drama, (screw you, TNT!) even when the cameras stop rolling. Here's what's happening in the Bravo universe lately.

NeNe Leakes to Leave Real Housewives of Atlanta?
Why not? She's going to be an even bigger star and an even more unstoppable force after Celebrity Apprentice! On Sunday's Watch What Happens Live when Andy Cohen asked NeNe about next season she responded, "I'm not really interested in joining the next season. I'm just not really interested right now."

Is this for real? Do you think it is or is it just talk? NENE DON'T GOOOO!!! [Zap2it]

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Break Records ... Thanks to Camille
Looks like I'll need to change my stance on that Tweet Battle because RHOBH needs Camille! She's bringing in all the ratings! Last week's episode brought in record-breaking ratings for the show. In addition, the following episode of Watch What Happens Live with Camille Grammer beat out all other talk shows in its time slot! I guess all that running around town Camille did to promote her divorce the show paid off. [TV by the Numbers]

Awful People Featured on Millionaire Matchmaker Still Awful, Can't Get Dates
New York's millionaires aren't happy, at least some of the ones Patti Stanger set up on The Millionaire Matchmaker to great ratings but less-than-ideal results. They must not have watched the show before they agreed to go on, because they should know that Patti makes everyone look awful!

Divorce lawyer Doug Kepanis complains that his appearance on the show has lost him clients, while Jason Teich hasn't been able to get a date because Patti pegged him as a "tough-talking party boy." Stranger still are the complaints from David Vroubel, who claims the editing made him look creepy and socially awkward. I'm pretty sure he's just creepy and socially awkward, with or without that darned Bravo editing.
Rumor has it Bravo is ready to continue the show with another matchmaker, though, having grown tired of Patti's antics. I approve, I'm a little tired of Patti's antics myself! [NY Post]

(images courtesy of Bravo)