Season 1 of 'The Paper' Ends with Back-to-Back Episodes Tonight
Season 1 of 'The Paper' Ends with Back-to-Back Episodes Tonight
In what seems like a near-whirlwind season, MTV's voyeuristic look into the cut-throat world of high school journalism comes to a close tonight.  The Paper concludes its maiden season via an hour-long telecast featuring its final two first season installments.

In season 1, scheduled to end tonight, The Paper takes place at Cypress Bay High School in Weston, Florida.  Even prior to its finale, the Star-Telegram already broke the news over the weekend that a spin-off will be set in Burleson High School in American Idol Kelly Clarkson's hometown in Texas.

Yes, the spin-off of The Paper will once again showcase journalists only this time, of the broadcast kind.  The focus will be the student-run television station at the said high school.  Before we become privy to their own brand of reality TV exposure though, we must first bear witness to tonight's double-header of a final on the current edition of The Paper.

In a peek at what tonight's season-ending double bill has to offer, the Chicago Sun-Times reports that editor-in-chief Amanda makes yet another grave and self-serving mistake in the first half-hour episode.  In the same segment, Alex makes good on the streak he began last week, when he refused to participate in a group homecoming picture.  Nonetheless, by the time the second half-hour installment winds down to nail the season shut, Amanda is said to stand as the obvious choice for any prospective job opportunity.

The two-part first season finale of The Paper airs tonight from 9-10pm on MTV.

In related news, Adam Brock, the colorful business editor on The Paper, spoke to Entertainment Weekly late last week about his character and being part of the show.

“You know what? I am a drama queen,” Brock said when asked whether he was down with the fact that he appears somewhat hysterical on the series.  “I'm not gonna lie.  I freak out.  From episode to episode, it seems like I'm the bad guy or I'm the good guy.  But in reality, I'm on no one's side.   I stand up for what is right and what I believe in.”

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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