'The Originals' Spoilers: Hayley and Elijah's Connection, Details on the Crossover and More
'The Originals' Spoilers: Hayley and Elijah's Connection, Details on the Crossover and More
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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CW's new series, The Originals, just earned itself a full season order from the network and with intense episodes like last week's, it's easy to see why. Recently, BuddyTV was invited to take part in a special Q&A with executive producer Julie Plec and co-executive producer Michael Narducci, who dished on what's to come for the Original family and their (hopefully) soon-to-be-born newest member. 

Klaus' House of Cards is About to Fall

In the last episode, Marcel started to get wind of the fact that maybe his old friend wasn't exactly being honest with him. According to Plec, those suspicions are going to lead nowhere good for Klaus as the house of cards he built starts to fall. "All the clever machinations that he put into motion are sort of getting ruined all around him as his plans and evil doings are getting revealed," Plec said. 

"So really for Marcel it's like the first level of suspicion has been raised and he knows that the person he's been buddying up to all along isn't necessarily on the up. So it's kind of the beginning of the next stretch of figuring out what Klaus' game is and where he fits into all of it."

Hayley and Elijah: Love in the Air?

If you saw last week's episode then you undoubtedly saw that there seemed to be a connection growing between Elijah and Hayley. What is happening between them?

"Well there's definitely something," Plec teased. "As we know, Elijah is a good protector and tends to be drawn to people in spite of himself and I think that when you have a situation like that - where he clearly believes he deeply cares about that child she is carrying, and maybe is starting to have his own level of concern that it is more than just the child that he is protecting and caring for. It's definitely not a good thing."

Narducci added that Elijah's feelings for Hayley were purely about how having a child might change his brother for the better, but that's beginning to change. "Now a part of that drive [to protect the baby] comes into conflict with his emotions - that he doesn't know where they're coming from or what to do, so that will be a part of his journey."

Narducci also added that the feelings are definitely not one-sided as Hayley was abandoned and had to survive on her own and then she meets Elijah, someone whose word is his bond. "So how could she not be drawn to this protector and noble and a good man - something she's never seen before?" 

How will Klaus feel about that growing bond between his brother and the woman carrying his hybrid baby? "It's very clear that he's territorial and he likes what's his to remain his. Because irrational or rational, he too never felt properly parented love, so when he feels his family slipping away, or finding interest elsewhere, he tends to act out in ways that are not exactly mature or appropriate." Plec said. 

Rebekah's Journey 

Asked what's in store for Rebekah, Plec teased that it will continue to be hard for Elijah and Klaus' sister. 

"Rebekah's predicament is that she honestly believes that everything she wants is outside of the family: In terms of peace, harmony, happiness, sanctity. As much as she loves Elijah and as much as she hates, loathes and despises - and still loves - Klaus, she really believes that if she can just break free of this, she can have all that she has ever wanted, which is a life is that she is in complete control of. What she has to come to terms with is that she can never escape this group, [and that] no matter what, the pull of family is going to be stronger than your own."

Klaus Meets His Match... In a Human?

Klaus may be able to compel Camille, but don't think that means she won't get the better of him. 

"Though she's compelled by Klaus to forget, she's not going to let him off the hook for it," Plec said. "She's going to continue to do anything and everything she can to break free of this sort of bond that he's created between the two of them. She's not a weak little wilting flower, so she's probably going to have a little success at it."

Narducci added, "[Camille], with all of her psychological training and background, she is able to very astutely categorize what [Klaus]' problems are and call him on some of his stuff in a way that no one really has and I think that's what makes her such a great foil to him. His reaction to that will be very interesting. Someone calls him out and he might just snap their neck and be done with it, but he feels something, some kinship towards her than keeps him from doing that."

The Crossover Will Happen Soon

Asked about the much-anticipated crossover with The Vampire Diaries, Plec would only give a few details. 

"The crossover is happening very soon and that it will answer a couple of questions, at least answering the first piece of the mystery regarding the protective wolf," she teased. 

Narducci added, "It also will introduce a lot more questions. A lot of things will come from that crossover that are going to shake things up within the Original family and there will be a whole storyline that will come out of where that crossover leads them geographically and what they discover when they're there. So there's a lot of stuff that's about to be introduced."

Geographic location? Does that mean what we think it means? Not exactly, according to Plec. 

"No, we're not going back to Mystic Falls. One of the big things that Hayley has been asking herself quietly, and the whole thing that brought her to New Orleans in the first place, was trying to get answers about what bloodline she came from, what the mystery of the mark on her shoulder means, that's what kind of kick started this whole experience."

But it does mean that a certain hybrid will be coming to New Orleans. 

"The one thing that Tyler does offer in his presence as he sets foot into this world is answers and more information. So he takes [Hayley] to a place out in the bayou where she's going to start to understand a little bit of where she comes from."

Marcel and Klaus' Relationship Will Be Tested

Klaus has been manipulating Marcel to get what he needs. Marcel may not react to that very well, but could the two of them still end up working together?

"As the secrets start to get exposed," Plec said, "I think what will test their relationship is how strong is their bond to the past, and their true love for each other back in the day as brothers or father/son - however you want to define their dynamic - but also what enemies do they have to fight against and will they be willing to fight together."

The Witches Are Down But Not Out

The witches may have lost what appeared to be their last hope when the last elder died, but Plec said not to discount them just yet. 

"They have sort of hit rock bottom, in that everything they were trying to do got killed," Plec said." They are going to nurse their wounds for a little bit and then gear up. Sophie is going to have a little bit of a spirit crisis that she's going to have to snap herself out of and decide "okay this can't be the end of this journey so what do I do now?" We'll hit that in a couple of episodes."

Davina's Story is Just Beginning

Davina is still locked in the attic for the moment, but big things are coming her way as well. 

"Now that we've learned [Davina's] origin story, her journey is just beginning. She is about to embark, over the next run of episodes, on a journey that is basically going to put her at odds with everyone but also create some surprising new friendships and new alliances that we maybe didn't see coming."

Narducci added, "Davina may or may not know that that last elder was killed and who is going to tell her what in an effort to control her situation?"

Sounds like things are about to get even more interesting on this season of The Originals. What storyline are you looking forward to seeing the most as the rest of this season plays out?

The Originals airs Tuesday nights at 8pm on CW. 

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