'The Originals' Showdown: Which Couple Are You Rooting For?
'The Originals' Showdown: Which Couple Are You Rooting For?
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While love has pretty much taken a backseat to witches, hybrid babies, and vampire power plays on The Originals, there's no denying that the chemistry and sexual tension stemming from potential pairings on the show make good TV.

At present, there are six pairings that have caught the attention of fans. Unfortunately, pairing some of these characters together would most definitely lead to trouble and heartbreak as relationships are always complicated like everything else on The Originals. But, it doesn't hurt to take a closer look and vote on which couple would be the show's power couple! 

The Couples

Klaus and Cami: It's no secret that Klaus has a thing for blonds (also known as Caroline from The Vampire Diaries) so it didn't come as a surprise when he found himself drawn to bartender, Cami. Though initially it seemed that she was just a pawn to manipulate Marcel, their relationship has since evolved. Now Klaus takes pleasure in Cami's company and has become quite protective of her. Unfortunately, Klaus isn't the only vampire who's into Cami.

Marcel and Cami: Being a "human" in the French Quarter of New Orleans is one of the reasons why Marcel is drawn into Cami, who appears to be equally attracted to the charming vampire (when compelled). However, there are a few barriers to this potential pairing including Klaus, who's also into Cami, and her uncle, Father Kieran, who warned Marcel to stay away from her. 

Marcel and Rebekah: Unresolved feelings stemming from years of infatuation and desire has brought Marcel and Rebekah back to each other's arms. As his childhood crush and the girl he would "marry one day," Rebekah could easily be deemed as the love of Marcel's life. But while Rebekah wants nothing more than to be with the man she loves, she's always forced to choose between love and family, no thanks to her brother Klaus.

Marcel and Sophie: Though what happened between Marcel and Sophie is all in the past, Marcel referred to it as a "mutual satisfying hook-up." Given their very complicated history, it would take a lot for this vampire and witch to get together again though not impossible.

Klaus and Hayley: Also referred to as "Klayley" by fans, this pairing was born thanks to a one night stand which resulted to a pregnancy. But  there may be something more to this werewolf and vampire hybrid as they admit that they have more in common than they realized: They are both castoffs with absentee parents.

Hayley and Elijah: Being the father of Hayley's child is one thing but being the one who holds her heart is another. Enter Elijah, the "kind" Original who has sworn to protect her at all cost. He's clearly fallen for her but he's bound to face the wrath of Klaus if he ever goes after what's his.

Update: Klaus and Hayley won the showdown with a total of 775 votes! 


The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW. 

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