'The Originals' Series Premiere Recap: Family is Power
'The Originals' Series Premiere Recap: Family is Power
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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Thanks to the backdoor pilot featured during season four of The Vampire Diaries, viewers know that the Mikaelson siblings once lived in and ruled over the city of New Orleans. That is until their father, determined to exterminate them once and for all, forced them to flee. Last we saw of Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan), they had returned to their beloved city and decided to stay awhile while Rebekah (Claire Holt) rebuffed Elijah's invitation that she join them.

Elijah is enjoying a drink and spilling family secrets to the brave bartender Camille "Cami" (Leah Pipes). He asks her the whereabouts of Jane-Anne Deveraux, who we know was killed by the King of Bourbon Street and former Klaus flunky Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). He is directed to a woman who takes him to where Jane-Anne was murdered and her body still lay in the street. She is surrounded by witches, including her sister Sophie. Now we know The Originals is not picking up where it left off but filling in some plot holes not addressed in The Vampire Diaries episode 'The Originals.'

A Very Different New Orleans

The woman, who turns out to be a witch, tells Elijah Jane-Anne was killed for practicing magic. All of a sudden, Marcel  and his crew start to appear, and the woman asks Elijah to stay hidden. She tells him if Marcel finds out a witch led the Original family back to New Orleans her people will all be slaughtered.

Marcel asks Jane-Anne's sister Sophie (Daniella Pineda) why Klaus had returned to town asking questions about Jane-Anne. Sophie says she doesn't get involved in vampire business. Marcel takes Jane-Anne's body hostage as leverage for information.

Klaus calls Rebekah to tell her how Marcel runs a menagerie of savage vampires who kill openly and how witches aren't able to practice magic in the quarter. He describes the city as a war zone. Elijah tells her he doubts Klaus knew what he was walking into. Rebekah is less than sympathetic to any problems that may be plaguing Klaus. Elijah reminds her of the oath they took to stand together forever and always. Elijah doesn't have much patience for Rebekah's attitude. His primary concern is why the witches would lure an Original back.

It's a Mini Hybrid

Elijah finds Sophie, who informs him that the witches have been trying to fight back against Marcel's army of vamps without much luck. That is until Jane-Anne met a girl, a werewolf, with a special connection to Klaus. Sophie informs Elijah he's going to be an uncle because this girl (who TVD fans know is Hayley) is pregnant with Klaus' child. The witches are hiding/holding Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) hostage in a cemetery where she's theoretically safe from vampires.

You Bleed, I Bleed

Elijah returns to the witches and says now that they've drawn his brother's ire, what is to prevent him from just killing them all? Sophie explains that the spell Jane-Anne performed, the one that got her killed, not only confirmed Hayley's pregnancy (EPT anyone?) but also linked Sophie and Hayley. Anything that happens to Sophie, happens to Hayley. Sophie gives Elijah until midnight to change his mind.

Original History 101

In order to corroborate what Sophie is telling him, Elijah asks to speak with Hayley alone. She tells him they lured her out to the bayou where they performed a bunch of "witchy tests." Hayley is clueless how the pregnancy is even possible since it is universally understood that vampires can't procreate. Elijah tells her that if she knew Klaus' history, she might understand how it is possible. Hayley already knows Klaus is a hybrid, but why waste a chance at exposing a previously hidden talent Elijah possesses with a flashback? It seems Elijah can transfer images and information to another person via some kind of mind control.

He tells her the history of the Originals and how they came to be vampires. Vital information for viewers not familiar with The Vampire Diaries, but old news for fans. One new bit of info, it was only after Klaus made his first kill as a vampire that his family (perhaps with the exception of Mom) found out he was a werewolf. Mikael forced Klaus' mother to cast a spell (she was the Original witch) that would deny him any connection with his true self, his werewolf side.

Elijah tells Hayley that even after defeating their father, Klaus remained discontent. He wonders if this baby might bring his brother happiness, a way to save him from himself. This is when Sophie reveals the witches' plan. They want to run Marcel out of town. Sophie says that since Marcel sired Marcel and taught him everything about being a vampire, it will be easy for Klaus to infiltrate Marcel's inner circle and help the witches run Marcel and his crew out of town. Elijah points out that Klaus doesn't exactly like to be told what to do. Anticipating Klaus' lack of cooperation, Sophie has some leverage. She tells Elijah that Marcel ran all of the werewolves out of the city years ago, and he would not be thrilled with the presence of a bouncing baby hybrid. She tells Elijah that if he convinces Klaus to help, no one will find out about the unborn member of the Original family.

Father Figure

Elijah locates Klaus and takes him to Sophie, and they inform him he's going to be a baby daddy. Klaus takes the news in typical Klaus fashion: threats, denials and homicidal rage. Sophie also gives him an ultimatum regarding his cooperation and the life of Hayley and his unborn child. That really goes over well.

Elijah tells his brother they can build a family and regain the power they once had. He uses the baby as a way to emotionally manipulate his brother. Any TVD fan knows there's a softer side to Klaus. He's just misunderstood with some serious mommy and daddy issues.

My Brother's Keeper

A cranky Klaus confronts Marcel in an effort to find out what the beef is between him and the witches, but Marcel stays tight lipped. Things get heated, and Klaus takes a bite out of one of Marcel's buddies guaranteeing the vampire's death sentence.

Since Klaus is in a rage spiral, Elijah has his work cut out for him. Especially since now Klaus has managed to piss off Marcel. Elijah again turns to Rebekah, who still could care less about any of Klaus' drama. When Elijah mentions the possibility of bringing mother and child back to Mystic Falls, Rebekah shows less than a nurturing side. But, Elijah is determined that nothing will happen to the baby.

A Gentleman's Agreement

Marcel sends out a search party to look for Klaus and ensures his followers he knows how to deal with Klaus. This comment is overheard by Elijah, who has decided to pay Marcel a visit. Elijah is a gentleman as always and informs Marcel that Klaus' blood will cure his friend. In return, Elijah wants Marcel to return Jane-Anne's body to her people so they can lay her to rest. Marcel questions why Elijah cares about the witches, and Elijah informs him that is his business.

Midnight comes, and Elijah brings Jane-Anne's body as proof that he intends to help the witches. He assures them that Klaus will agree to their terms, but he needs more time to convince him.

Family Above All

Sibling rivalry hits a new violent high between the brothers. That's saying a lot given that Elijah nearly yanked Klaus' heart from his chest, and Klaus daggered Elijah. Elijah tells his brother he will not walk away from this. He threatens to spend eternity saving Klaus from his vile, spoiled, petulant self and beating the humanity into him as their father did. All this and his appearance remains impeccable. Klaus questions why his brother cares, and Elijah says it is because he let Klaus down so long ago. He admits he should have killed their father the first time he struck Klaus. He stands by the promise they made about sticking together forever and always; family above all.

While the lure of fatherhood still alludes Klaus, Elijah does get him to see the baby as more than a means to an end. He tells Klaus this baby could finally provide his brother with what he's been searching for his entire existence, unconditional love.

Klaus offers his blood to Marcel as a peace offering, Elijah sets Hayley up in a lush pad, and the brothers still question the source of the hostile relationship between Marcel and the witches. Marcel has a secret weapon he believes he can use to defeat the Originals, and Klaus reverts to his old ways. The premiere overlaps too much with the backdoor pilot but still provides some unexpected thrills. Can't wait to see what happens when little sister hits town and glad to see Klaus isn't embracing fatherhood. It just wouldn't be in his nature.

The Originals airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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