'The Originals' Season 1 Finale Recap: The Heart of the Crescent City Will Thrive Again
'The Originals' Season 1 Finale Recap: The Heart of the Crescent City Will Thrive Again
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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In the season 1 finale of The Originals, Hayley, Klaus and Elijah frantically search for the baby before it can be sacrificed by the witches. Davina resurrects Mikael, but not for the reason he expects. Marcel and Klaus make amends. Francesca and the werewolves are poised to take over the city. And a familiar face returns.

Klaus arrives at St. Anne's to rescue Hayley and his unborn baby, but the witch's power is too great and his too weak. They immobilize him, leaving him a helpless witness to whatever atrocities they have planned for Hayley and his child. Meant as a kindness but assuredly taken as rubbing salt in the wound, Genevieve says that what she's about to do brings her no pleasure.

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A Race for the Cure

Back at the compound, Davina arrives to see all the carnage left behind by the Correa werewolves. She also sees that Marcel has been bitten, and he tells her they need Klaus' blood to heal. 

Davina heads to the scene of Klaus and Marcel's vicious brawl where remnants of Klaus' blood remain. As she starts some seriously witchy spell, Davina is interrupted by Josh. She tells him she's going to save him and all the vamps poisoned by werewolf venom.

Life and Death

Hayley gives birth, and it's a girl! Genevieve says the witches will start the sacrifice in the next few hours. Hayley does get the chance to hold her baby, but her happiness is short-lived since Monique slits her throat within seconds. The witches abscond with the newborn, and Klaus regains his ability to move.

Elijah, riddled with bites, makes it to the church after all the hubbub has died down. He spots Klaus cradling Hayley who is dead. I guess a gaping neck wound can't be healed in time by hybrid blood. Klaus does still have the capacity to help his brother.

Out for Blood

Davina show up with enough blood to help one victim. It's like a supernatural Sophie's Choice: does Davina save Josh or Marcel? Marcel makes the decision for her and gives it to Josh.

Marcel is off to find Klaus and get all the blood he can to save himself and his minions. Cami tells him he'll need a weapon, and she's got an arsenal.

Perhaps If They had Cheese

The reality of what's happened to Hayley kicks in, and Elijah is pissed. He can't believe his invincible brother was "bested." Klaus tells him the witches took the baby, and they still have time to save her. The brothers head to the cemetery, but there's no sign of them. Klaus is convinced they'll find them there because it was the location of the Reaping and the Harvest. He argues they are about to perform a sacrifice that will feed their ancestors for centuries. While Elijah thinks they're wasting time, Klaus is convinced they are looking in the right spot.

Klaus notices a statue and remarks that they've passed it three times. Elijah believes the witches have fabricated some sort of illusion. Klaus moves to higher ground, so to speak, and finds the cemetery has become a vast city within the city, a maze they aren't meant to get through.

Father Kieran to the Rescue

Cami takes Davina and Marcel to Kieran's hideaway. They find all the weapons -- dark objects created by witches -- that he was stockpiling. Davina finds an object called the Devil's Star, telling Marcel that one throw can make a thousand cuts. That's one way to make Klaus bleed.

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Morning comes, and Elijah goes off on Klaus. He says this is the world Klaus created. He questions that with all his scheming and the enemies he's made, what did Klaus expect would happen? Did he think that his child would actually be born into a happy life and family? Klaus tells Elijah that was his fantasy. Elijah said it was their hope, and now the baby is gone.

Elijah begins to cry, saying that he let Hayley in, something he never does. He claims Klaus knew this, which he did, and took her from him, which he did not. Elijah is one heartbroken Original. Klaus tells his brother that he can tell his niece how much he cared for her mother when they save her.

Don't Call It a Comeback

Back at St. Anne's, Hayley makes a comeback. The memories of the last few minutes before she died come rushing back, and to say she does not look pleased would be an understatement of epic proportions.

She makes her way to the cemetery. Elijah questions how she's alive. Truthfully, Hayley looks a bit loopy and she responds that she woke up at the church with a hunger. She says she knew what she needed. Klaus deduces that since Hayley died with the baby's blood in her system, she's now in transition. Hayley's about to become a hybrid, but in order to do so, she has to drink the blood of her own child. Hayley's not concerned with her own fate, only that of her daughter.

A Sacrifice and a Resurrection

The witches prep for their grisly sacrifice, but there's dissension among the ranks. Monique hopes Genevieve won't go through with it, so she and the other young witch can do the deed instead. Then Genevieve will die, and they'll get the fourth Harvest girl back.

Davina uses some of the trinkets she found at Father Kieran's and Esther's grimoire to bring Mikael back to life. The first item on his agenda is to eat, so he finishes off all of the leftover vamps lying defenseless in the courtyard of the compound. They were all infected with werewolf venom, but it seems that Mikael is impervious to its effects.

Not Without My Baby

Hayley, guided by motherly intuition (and maybe a little blood lust), finds the witches just as they are about to finish off "mini-wolf." Elijah is able to disarm Genevieve, but Klaus, Elijah and Hayley are held at bay by the young witches and all of their ancestral power. Monique says they don't face three, they face them all.

The three of them split up, and Hayley takes on Genevieve while Klaus gets his ass handed to him by Papa Tunde's twin sons. He rallies and manages to kill one Harvest witch, leaving only Monique. This act weakens the witches power, but Monique makes a dash for the dagger, and with Genevieve providing cover, she's poised to finish the sacrifice. But it's Marcel to the rescue. He uses the Devil's Star to take that teenage b*tch witch down.

Always and Forever

Marcel takes off with the baby, but by the time he reaches the compound, he discovers all the members of his posse are dead. Marcel only took the baby for leverage so that Klaus would cure his friends. Klaus is so thankful that Marcel saved his child, he gladly offers up his arm. 

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Daddy's Home to Stay

As Klaus (what the hell happened to Hayley?) puts his baby daughter in her crib, he has no idea Mikael is lurking nearby with a White Oak stake ready to strike. It just so happens Davina has other plans. She uses her magic to lead Mikael back to St. Anne's. He doesn't understand why she won't let him kill Klaus. Davina explains she brought him back to punish Klaus, and he'll do so when she's ready and not a minute sooner. Damn, these teenage witches are hardcore. Davina added a secret ingredient to the spell to resurrect Mikael that gives her complete control over him physically. Looks like he'll be the next resident to occupy St. Anne's attic.

The Original Witch

Hayley and Elijah have stayed behind at the cemetery to deal with Genevieve, naughty girl. Hayley questions why Genevieve wanted to kill her baby. The witch says the ancestors left her no choice. Genevieve claims it wasn't just about gaining more power; it was the ancestors' decree, one in particular. Now consecrated in New Orleans' soil, the Original witch, Esther, is as much of a threat as ever to her family. Genevieve swears that as long as that child lives, the witches of New Orleans will never stop coming for it.

Genevieve's time is just about up. Since she failed the ancestors, they're coming for her. But Hayley finishes her off before they can.

Door Number 3

As Hayley holds her daughter, Klaus and Elijah realize just how much danger the baby is in. Not just from the witches but the Correa werewolves as well. Elijah says they've fought all their adversaries and won (not quite), and they'll make the home a fortress. Klaus doesn't want his daughter being brought up like a prisoner. Running is out since those who seek power will always find a way to hunt them down. Klaus says his child has inherited all of their enemies and has none of their defenses. Didn't someone foresee this coming? Oh, right, it was Rebekah who warned Hayley before she left town. For all of Klaus' scheming, he couldn't figure all this out sooner?

Hayley realizes they have a third option. They can send the baby away and stay behind to deal with their enemies.


Francesca gives a press conference attributing the previous night's massacre to gang violence. The whole incident was self-contained, so this is ridiculous. All the bodies were in the compound, so unless she notified the human faction, and they all agreed to work it to their advantage, this makes no sense.

Oliver and Marcel meet in the Cauldron. Marcel has come to strike a deal. He's heard through the grapevine that the Correa family wants the Quarter to be a no vampire zone. Marcel says he can make that happen, in exchange for the werewolves leaving them alone across the river. Or, he threatens, with Klaus' help, to unleash hell on Oliver's pack.

As added incentive, Marcel threatens to tell Klaus that the wolves killed his child as part of the outbreak of violence. Marcel procured a dead baby to put in a box as a decoy, but I'm 100% certain this plan will work. Now all immediate threats to the baby are extinguished since word will spread that she's dead.

Auntie Beks

A heartbroken Hayley gets the small amount of blood she needs to transition. Since Klaus, Elijah and Hayley disappearing together will cause suspicion, Klaus goes alone to hand the baby over to the one person who can protect her better than the brothers and her mother: Rebekah. Finally, Beks gets the child she's longed her entire life for. A cheeky aunt and the promise of a white picket fence -- not too shabby. Oh, and the baby's name? Hope.

If you thought Klaus was a cold SOB this season, he's going to be even worse now that he has had to cut all ties with his child and Cami, although I doubt the latter will last. A fantastic and unpredictable ending to the show's inaugural season. 

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