'The Originals' Recap: Will Rebekah Return to New Orleans?
'The Originals' Recap: Will Rebekah Return to New Orleans?
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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In this week's episode of The Originals, Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah deal with their "issues" while trapped in the cemetery. Davina's back from the dead, but her time on the other side has left her damaged. And Marcel tries to find a way to free Rebekah.

When we last saw the Original siblings, Klaus was very cranky after he woke up from his nap. Just because baby sis summoned their -- well,  technically not Klaus' father -- to reign down his fury on New Orleans. Not one to let things go (Katherine Pierce), he's tracked Beks to the aptly named City of the Dead cemetery. All hope is not lost for Beks. Yes, she's trapped in the cemetery, along with her brothers, thanks to Celeste's boundary spell. But she's got Elijah on her side, so the odds are in her favor.

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Klaus Wasn't Always a Monster

First, we get a warm and fuzzy flashback of a young Nik comforting a frightened Beks during a thunderstorm. He gives her a token to make her feel better and promises to stay by her side.

Even if the Originals had some scrapbooks handy, it's going to take more than sentimentality to get Klaus to put away that White Oak stake. He's obviously been saving it for just such an occasion. 

Hide and Seek

Elijah urges Beks to at least have the common sense to hide since her presence only serves to infuriate their brother. Klaus is incredulous that Elijah has taken Rebekah's side, but Elijah assures her that's not the case. He just refuses to let Klaus stake their only sister.

Dead Witches Tell No Tales

Beks checks in with boyfriend Marcel. His best advice? Stay alive. He does promise to rescue her. Marcel is convinced that Davina will come through for him. Davina is awake but not too chatty. Marcel prattles on about how excited all the witches are that three of the four sacrificed girls have come back. He's heard the other girls used their down-time wisely by learning from their dead ancestors, and now they're back and stronger than ever. He's transparently trying to gather intel, but Davina's experience was not like the other young witches. For her, it was just dark, cold and seemingly endless. Davina doesn't feel like talking about it. She is suffering from PRSD -- Post Resurrection Stress Syndrome.

Make Room for Daddy

Elijah's first line of defense is to tell Klaus how much he's behaving like their father. Cami already tried that one, and it didn't slow him down. Klaus says their father was a mad man, and in his case, Rebekah's betrayal justifies his anger. Klaus points out that none of his siblings were on the receiving end of his cruelty. He also suggests that Elijah has forgotten what Mikael could be like. What a great time for a flashback.

A young Elijah is teaching Klaus how to hunt. He misses the prey. Elijah tries to be encouraging, but Mikael puts an end to that quickly. He calls Klaus pathetic, and says if he can't hunt, he's nothing but a burden. Klaus apologizes and gets backhanded for his trouble. Elijah tries to intervene, but backs down rather than risk incurring his father's wrath.

Rebekah comes out of hiding (not a stellar plan anyway) and says that her guilt is nothing compared to his. She says Klaus can have his revenge, but not before she looks him in the eye and tells him that it is his cruelty and spite that led them to this. If you're a Vampire Diaries fan, you know enough about Klaus' history that further insight is completely unnecessary.

Davina Opens Up

Cami comes to see Davina and finds out that the girl wasn't entirely truthful with Marcel. Yes, there was silence in the beginning, but soon the ancestors began to chastise her for using her powers against her own. They said they would do horrible things to her if she misused her magic again. Seems like an idle threat since they're dead and all.

Keeping the Faith

Marcel kills time chatting it up with Father Kieran. He's still hexed and has given up hope of surviving it. Marcel tells the man he should have faith. Davina will be able to cure him.

Kieran says he lost his faith when his nephew Sean died. When he came back to New Orleans, he was confident he could prevent a war between the vampires and the witches. Now, the witches are running amok, and Marcel allowed an Original to take control of the quarter. I wouldn't say it's accurate that Marcel allowed it. Kieran says there's no hope for Marcel, the city or himself. Marcel's like a broken record saying that Davina will take down Klaus. Kieran, despite being in the midst of losing his mind, has more clarity. He tells Marcel that when Klaus escapes his temporary prison, he will find Marcel and kill him.

Love Doesn't Conquer All

Rebekah questions what happened to the sweet boy who loved art and music, and who she admired. What made him fall so far? Shouldn't she know? Yes, she's spent time daggered, but she's been by Klaus' side more than anyone, even Elijah. Also, this whole thing is a bit pot calling the kettle black given her nasty temperament.

Another flashback reveals that Rebekah intervened in a beating so severe, it might have otherwise cost Klaus his life.

Klaus offers to dial it back a few notches if Rebekah will admit that Marcel used her just so he could oust them from the city and take over. Rebekah is steadfast that the feelings she and Marcel had for each other were real. Klaus questions that if that is indeed the case, why didn't Marcel come after her after she fled the city?

Beks refuses to throw her sweetie under the bus. Despite how much she feared their father, she thought him to be the lesser evil of the two. She doesn't help her case when she says that she wanted to get rid of Klaus, and given the chance, she'd do it all over again.

Klaus goes after her, but in a fortuitous turn of events, Klaus loses the stake to Elijah during a scuffle. Elijah orders Rebekah to leave them, and he tells Klaus that since he refuses to listen to his sister, he'll have to deal with him. Elijah also happens to be in possession of that nasty  dagger. Don't think Klaus doesn't still feel the sting of that thing embedded in his chest.

You Gotta Have Heart

Cami keeps trying to perk Davina up. She tells her that she was sad when her brother died, but she didn't allow it to consume her. Davina retaliates that it's not that easy, that the witches aren't done with her, that they won't let her go. Not sure now if we're talking about dead witches or living ones. Cami, who clearly has no grasp on the supernatural, spews a platitude about how no one can control Davina unless she allows them to.

Davina goes on to say that she doesn't even know who she can trust. She's not thrilled with Marcel who, as it turns out, has already hit her up about saving Rebekah. Davina questions Cami's motives as well, and Cami comes clean about needing the girl to save her uncle. But Cami swears that she cares for Davina and wants to help her too. Davina replies that the ancestors told her the only ones who can help her are the witches, but they hate her, so how can she go and ask for their help now?

Sibling Rivalry

Klaus and Elijah continue to go around in circles. Klaus is convinced that Rebekah didn't just want him gone but dead. Elijah recollects a memory that Klaus isn't privy to. He tells Klaus that Rebekah had every intention of killing Mikael had Elijah not stopped her. Elijah lists Rebekah's flaws, but not loving Klaus is not among them.

This story does nothing to deviate Klaus from his objective. He antagonizes his brother, knowing full well that Elijah won't stake him. In a stupidly magnanimous gesture, Elijah flings the stake aside and is left with only Tunde's blade, which Klaus quickly uses against him. We know Klaus isn't going to kill his sister, so it's no shocker when it turns out she managed to get her hands on the stake her brother carelessly tossed aside.

Trading Places

Marcel goes to Genevieve for help in breaking the boundary spell. He promises to help broker peace between the vamps and the witches, but what Genevieve really wants is Davina. She tells Marcel it was his fault that Davina suffered in death. She was shunned by the ancestors because of her alliance with Marcel. Genevieve says that's all over now, and Davina can be welcomed home and revered by her peers. She promises to teach Davina how to control her powers and give her a safe place to live, not surrounded by vampires. If Marcel fails to comply, Genevieve won't break Celeste's spell.

A Heart to Heart

The tedious back and forth continues in the cemetery. Rebekah thinks Klaus is cruel and wicked. He's spent a thousand years denying her happiness. He's convinced she's disloyal and wants him dead. Around and around in circles they go as poor Elijah is now out of commission. Klaus is relentless, bullying and badgering her into confessing her true intentions. He even promises to let her help Elijah if she comes clean. He was within inches of her, so if she really wanted him dead, she could staked him right there.

Always one to wear her heart on her sleeve, Rebekah admits that maybe she did want her brother dead. Klaus looks devastated that he finally wore her down, but it gives him the opportunity to, once again, use a sibling's weapon against them.

He manages to take her out but only temporarily. He missed her heart or did he? He tells Rebekah that perhaps it was never his intention to kill her, only to make her feel a fraction of the fear he felt when Mikael came for him.

Klaus admits to loving his family, but he still won't take the blame for any of his behavior. He holds Mikael accountable for that. Rebekah points out that they are all the product of poor parenting. She tells him they are the strongest creatures in the world but damaged beyond repair, saying, "We live without hope, but we will never die. We are the definition of cursed."

Hope for Some, Despair for Others

Marcel promises Genevieve he'll bring her Davina. In addition to breaking Celeste's spell, he asks that she help Father Kieran. She tells him the hex has taken hold, and there's nothing she can do.

Always and Forever is a Mighty Long Time

Klaus pulls the dagger from Elijah, and asks Rebekah what she wants. She says a home, a family, someone to love her and to live. Klaus tells her to go far way, they're too damaged to remain together. He lays claim to New Orleans saying he'll raise his child there. Klaus is also certain Elijah will remain. But Beks is free to go. At least we're seeing some personal growth. Being an Original gives you time to work out the kinks as opposed to therapy.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Klaus returns home to find Marcel ready and waiting. He neither asks about Rebekah nor seems upset at the possibility that she's dead. Maybe he just assumes she made it out alive.

It's not Klaus that Marcel has to answer to but rather Elijah. He tells Marcel that he will allow Marcel to live out of respect for Rebekah. However, he's exiled.

Marcel refuses to abandon the city, so it's a bittersweet goodbye for him and Beks. She drops in on Hayley with some sisterly advice -- never cross Nik. But she does believe there's hope for him. Rebekah also warns Hayley that the baby will inherit all of the Original family's enemies and to be careful.

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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