'The Originals' Recap: The Witches Reveal Rebekah's Darkest Secret
'The Originals' Recap: The Witches Reveal Rebekah's Darkest Secret
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this week's episode of The Originals, Elijah must trudge through Celeste's past in order to find his brother and sister. Marcel aids in the search for Klaus and Rebekah. Genevieve reveals a secret Rebekah hoped would never be revealed. And Celeste's plans to destroy the Original family move forward.

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When we last saw Klaus, he had a very lethal mystical dagger deeply implanted in his chest courtesy of the now-deceased Sophie. Rebekah was temporarily weakened by a werewolf attack and at the mercy of the recently resurrected witch Genevieve, with whom she and Marcel have a history.

Rebekah awakens in an abandoned hospital going back and forth between the present and some very gruesome flashbacks. She's weak due to being full of werewolf venom. She struggles to make it out of the building but doesn't get far before Genevieve stakes her.

In another part of the building, Sabine is holding a weakened Klaus captive.

Crashing a Consecration

Monique, who savagely murdered her own aunt, is in the midst of consecrating her remains when one really angry Elijah interrupts. And not in his usual extremely polite fashion. He demands to know where his siblings have been taken. Monique tells him she has a message to pass on from Celeste: "To find what you're looking for, follow the path she left behind." Witches are such drama queens.

No Such Thing as Coincidence

We find out that Rebekah and Genevieve met while the two worked as nurses at the very hospital where the Original siblings are being held. Both are aware of each other's "gifts." Genevieve is surprised that a vampire would choose the medical profession as a vocation. Rebekah says if her city is under attack from an influenza epidemic, it is her duty to lend a hand. One thing is certain: she can't catch it. Rebekah also jokes that if everyone were to die, who would be left to eat.

Riddle Me This

Elijah has recruited Marcel in his search. He asks Hayley to make a list of the names that Monique tattooed on his body as part of Celeste's message. What an excellent excuse for both her and us to see Elijah without a shirt on. Elijah believes the names are of women Celeste has inhabited over the past two centuries. Marcel says it's a riddle that witches use to teach their kids. Once you solve it, it disappears. Elijah says the faster they solve it, the quicker he can find his siblings.

Marcel points out that one of the names, Annie, is a witch who was shunned from her coven over a year ago under mysterious circumstances. He plans to find out why.

One Form of Torture Ends...

Genevieve tends to Klaus. She splits open his abdomen and pulls out the dagger which had worked itself completely into his body.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Marcel and Elijah play detective. They track down a man who knew Annie, and he tells them that she killed herself after being shunned -- she drowned herself in the Mighty Mississippi, to be exact. She was accused by the other members of the coven of practicing dark magic. Something this man said she would never do.

Elijah calls Hayley and tells her about Annie's death. He believes that Celeste grew tired of inhabiting Annie's body and dumped it in favor of Sabine's. Hayley asks him to see what Marcel knows about one of the names, Brynn Deveraux. Sophie told Hayley it was a member of her bloodline that put the curse on the Crescent wolves, but Celeste said she was the only one that could break it. Hayley suspects that Celeste was inhabiting Brynn's body when she cast the spell, and Celeste should be able to undo it. I'm not really sure the point of this errand. Celeste already said she could break it, so what difference does it make?

Hayley tells Elijah how sorry she is for what he's going through. She feels guilty that his choice to save her has put his family in this predicament. He reassures her that she would have died in the fire, and he had to save his brother's child.

Klaus is feeling considerably better since, even in his weakened state, he tries to lure Genevieve to join Team Klaus. Genevieve is focused solely on her own agenda -- to take Beks down. She gives Klaus some of his sister's blood to drink, telling him it's the only way he'll be able to see the truth.

This episode is muddled and confusing. From what I can gather, by drinking his sister's blood, Klaus is now mentally linked to Rebekah, or will be when Genevieve performs her mojo. She tells Klaus she plans to take advantage of Rebekah's weakened state to guide her down memory lane. That's how she plans to get revenge on Beks, by showing Klaus his sister's betrayal.

Another flashback shows Marcel and Rebekah making out in the morgue. Marcel asks if Rebekah has gotten Genevieve to perform the spell yet. She tells him no but she will. Marcel is growing impatient as it seems Rebekah and Genevieve are becoming fast friends. He asks her what she's waiting for. Rebekah says Genevieve is a sweet girl, and she feels bad using her. Marcel questions whether Rebekah is having second thoughts, but she insists that she's not.

The Search Continues

Marcel and Elijah track down a member of the Faction who just happens to be slumming it in a vamp bar known as "the pit." It was the same establishment the Faction had attacked when Marcel refused to negotiate. They tell this man, who apparently works in or has access to the records room at city hall. Marcel says they heard the former mayor kept a detailed record of the supernatural community, a ledger full of the names of witches, werewolves and vampires. More specifically, their death records. The man tells them the records are at St. Anne's church.

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Beks' Past Comes Back to Kill Her

Rebekah continues to wander aimlessly around the hospital, her history slowly coming back to haunt her. She comes across Genevieve and questions why the witch is hell bent on making her relive the past. Genevieve breaks the bad news that she linked the siblings' minds, and now Rebekah will show him everything. Rebekah begs for mercy, but Genevieve says it's too late.

Elijah realizes that every name on his flesh signifies a witch who died at her own hand with the exception of one Clara Summerlin. She died during the influenza epidemic of 1919. All of the names disappear off of Elijah's body indicating that he's solved the riddle. Unfortunately, Elijah still hasn't put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Genevieve continues to trigger Rebekah's memories. This time, we see Clara, Beks and Genevieve hanging out at a jazz club. Genevieve confides in Rebekah that she has a crush on Klaus. It turns out that Elijah had a brief encounter with Clara that same night. Someone spilled a drink on her, and he gave her his handkerchief.

One Step Closer to Lifting a Curse

At the church, Elijah questions Marcel about Brynn Deveraux. Marcel says he knew her, that she did some spells for him and that cursed a whole pack of werewolves just because they were "pissing me off." Marcel uses this as a segue to ask Elijah what he thinks Klaus is going to do when he finds out that Marcel chose to save Hayley and her wolf friends and left him to suffer. Marcel also tells Elijah that he knows Hayley threw a family reunion of sorts and questions why she's hanging out with that bunch.

A pretty stupid question given he knows Hayley's a werewolf. I guess the point is that Marcel doesn't know she's related to the cursed wolves and therefore might try to undo Celeste/Brynn's handiwork. Elijah warns Marcel that if he lays a finger on Hayley, it will be the last thing he does.

Rebekah Calls Home

The time has finally come for Rebekah to reel Genevieve in to whatever scheme she and Marcel have cooked up. She tells the witch that she wants to reach out to someone she hasn't seen in a very long time, but it would have to be a surprise, nobody could know. Genevieve readily agrees and questions who it is Rebekah wants to find. Of course, she answers Mikael, their father. If that was supposed to be a shocking twist, it was an epic fail. Who hasn't seen this moment coming for a long, long time?

Klaus doesn't believe Genevieve. He says even though his family has done some terrible things to each other over the years, his sister would never call their father.

True Confessions

Marcel and Klaus arrive back at the compound where Hayley has been doing some research. She tells them that Clara was a nurse at the Fleur-de-lis Sanatorium. This revelation has a visible effect on Marcel; Elijah reminds him that Klaus and Rebekah are suffering somewhere, so if he knows something, he should speak up. Marcel says Elijah will find them at the sanatorium. Elijah questions how he can be so sure, and Marcel is forced to come clean so that Elijah knows what he's walking into.

Genevieve shows Klaus what happened the night she cast the spell. Genevieve used a blade that used to belong to their father, one he thought Klaus had stolen and beat him mercilessly as a result. It was in Rebekah's possession the whole time.

Elijah and Klaus both find out that Rebekah lured their father to the city. Elijah says he spent the better part of a century trying to figure out how Mikael found them, what foolish mistake they had made that destroyed the time they spent in the one place they considered home. Marcel defends his actions by saying that all he wanted was for him and Beks to be together, but Klaus would never allow that to happen. He also points out that Elijah might be able to relate.

Always and For Never

Things are going just as Celeste had planned. Now that Klaus knows the truth, she's convinced he'll kill Marcel, and do something awful to his sister. This will enrage Elijah, and brother will be pitted against brother and "the fabled Mikaelson bond will crumble." Rebekah threatens to kill Sabine, but she tells Beks she already did; she was just wearing a different face at the time. Rebekah figures out that Clara was actually Celeste.

Second Thoughts

It turns out Rebekah almost instantly regretted the decision to summon her pops and pleaded with Genevieve to call it off. Genevieve says there is no way to undo it, and her only hope is to tell Klaus the truth. Genevieve realizes she's been used and says she won't suffer because she was foolish enough to trust Rebekah. Clara walks in just as Rebekah stuffs a bloody rag into Genevieve's mouth to infect her with influenza. Because of her poor timing, Clara suffers the same fate. Rebekah then compels the orderlies to keep the women in quarantine until they die. Celeste takes another body, and Genevieve isn't so lucky.

Sibling Rivalry on Steroids

Once the cat is out of the bag, Genevieve frees Klaus knowing he'll be in full wrath mode. Elijah and Marcel arrive at the hospital just as Klaus is doing his best Jack Nicholson impression from The Shining. Marcel comes charging in but is quickly immobilized by Klaus. Just as Klaus is about to plunge the witches' nasty dagger into his sister's chest, Elijah intervenes and plunges it back into his brother instead.

A very long and roundabout way of revealing to viewers a poorly kept secret. It also fails to address the biggest question: why would Beks risk bringing the fury of her father down not only on Klaus but herself and Elijah as well? I was under the impression Mikael was hunting down all his children. Did Klaus' siblings fear the father simply for his sake? This is, by far, the most tedious episode of the season. Let's hope the aftermath is less befuddling.

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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