'The Originals' Recap: The Night the Originals Left New Orleans
'The Originals' Recap: The Night the Originals Left New Orleans
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this week's episode of The Originals, Hayley secures the cure for her people thanks to Sabine. Klaus tells Cami what happened that fateful night his father arrived in New Orleans. And Rebekah and Marcel come up with a plan they hope will keep them safe from Klaus.

Things were very different in New Orleans during Prohibition (1919,  specifically). Vamps, werewolves, witches and humans would party together, united in their collaboration in the face of government oppression. Or at least that's the revisionist history Originals writers have come up with. It's all part of a flashback that Klaus experiences as he recovers from his second run-in with the witches'  dagger.

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Tuesdays with Klaus

Elijah calls on Cami for help because A) she's one of the few people Klaus would think twice about before slaughtering, B) Klaus speaks with her with a certain modicum of respect that he reserves, well, for nobody else really, and C) Klaus needs a nanny as he recovers from Elijah's betrayal physically and mentally. Elijah has other matters to attend to. In addition to promising to help Father Kieran (that's how he lured Cami to Klaus' bedside), he's got to find Hayley. As he leaves, he makes his apologies to his brother but justifies his actions by saying he could never allow Klaus to hurt their sister. As usual, Klaus isn't feeling especially forgiving.

Cami gets to play therapist with Klaus as he slowly recovers his strength by drinking her blood. The vervain in her system is supposed to slow him down and give him time to reconsider murdering Beks. Cami questions how Klaus can hate his sister. Klaus responds that it stems from her doing what nobody else has managed to do to him in a thousand years: she ripped out his heart. If I remember correctly, Elijah literally came very close to doing that same thing not so long ago.

Wait Until Your Father Gets Home

Back we go to happier days for the Original family in NOLA. Klaus is fully aware of Beks and Marcel's canoodling. He makes a toast that reveals his knowledge of their affair and then says he hopes they find joy in one another. Afterwards, he approaches his sister, admitting that, in the past, he's thwarted her loves to protect her in case they had to run again. But now firmly and happily ensconced in New Orleans, he tells her she's free to be happy.

If this was the case, why did Rebekah and Marcel summon Mikael? Oh, that's right. Klaus is a liar who, for the better part of his time as a vampire, kept most of his family members captive in coffins. I guess Beks just didn't trust him. Also, it turns out Klaus' blessing is too little, too late. Mikael is already in town.

It took six months for Mikael to make it to New Orleans, so Rebekah and Marcel thought Genevieve had failed, and they had dodged a bullet.

The Walking Dead

Currently, Beks and Marcel are on the run, but Rebekah realizes how futile it is to run from her brother. Katherine managed for 500 years, but he did find her in the end. Marcel says they need to go with Plan B, which is to go back to New Orleans and resurrect Davina and take her with them. What a lucky girl. She gets to spend her life as the third wheel, using her powers to hide the couple from her psychotic big brother. Always living life like a chess match, Klaus is already thinking one step ahead of them.

Big Fun on the Bayou

Out in the bayou, Hayley has taken Sabine hostage, and with Eve's help, she's trying to get Sabine to undo the curse on the Crescent wolves.

The Friend of My Enemy is My Friend

Elijah has to put his smooth-talking skills on overdrive when he seeks out Monique for help. He's mistakenly under the impression that Sabine has taken Hayley, and he wants Monique to help him find her. Elijah explains that Celeste could care less about restoring the power to the witches of the quarter. Her only goal is to destroy his family. Once Celeste has satisfied her vendetta, she'll jump into a fresh body, leaving all the witches powerless.

Meet the Parent

Rebekah and Marcel go to Thierry with their plans to off the three wicked witches: Sabine, Genevieve and Bastianna. Thierry says not many men go up against those odds and live. Marcel says he's still standing, and he's gone up against the worst of them all.

Mikael, like most fathers, couldn't help but to intimidate his daughter's suitor. Mikael outs himself to Marcel first and compels him. He promises not to hurt Rebekah or destroy the city as long as Marcel tells him where to find his sons. Not like Marcel has much choice since he's under the mind control of "The Destroyer."

Elijah and Hayley Don't Kiss, Again

Out in the bayou, Sabine gives Hayley some herbs and tells her to feed it to her people on the next full moon. She swears the curse will be broken. Hayley is dubious, and rightfully so. Sabine tells Hayley she likes her; she even sees herself in her. After all, she cared for Elijah (just like Hayley) but had to take a backseat to Klaus (just like Hayley). Sabine tells her she's giving Hayley the chance to free herself from the Originals.

Speak of the devil, and he's certain to appear. His little talk with Monique must have worked because Elijah shows up. He tells Hayley that whatever Sabine has promised her, it's a lie. Hayley says that she's the only one who can help her pack. Hayley asks him to put revenge on ice just until the next full moon. Elijah says it would take an army to hold the witch captive for a month -- cue wolves howling. Hayley throws down the gauntlet and tells Elijah to either help her or get out of her way; he chooses the latter.

He whisks Sabine and the herbs deeper into the bayou. He accuses his ex of tricking Hayley, but she swears that if the wolves take the elixir, they'll be cured. Elijah questions her motives, and Sabine tells him that no matter what he does now, he's lost Hayley. If he destroys the jar and kills her, Hayley will hate him from snatching her family from her. If he gives her the jar, she'll leave him to be with her "people."

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Klaus Doesn't Fear Regret

Klaus is up and about and has replaced Cami's blood with booze as his beverage of choice. Time for another flashback. Mikael visits Elijah next. Mikael says all he wants to do is talk. He tells Elijah that he's blood, a man he's proud to call son. It's just that bastard Klaus he wants to get rid of, and he wants Elijah to help him do it. Mikael tells Elijah to stand with him or fall with Klaus. Elijah says he will always choose his brother. He gets a shard of wood in his heart for his loyalty.

Klaus gets a call that Rebekah and Marcel have been spotted in the Quarter. He removes a White Oak stake from a hiding place and heads out to break the pact he made with his siblings one thousand years ago. He stops for a snack, allowing Cami time to catch up with him. She lectures him about how much she wanted to kill him, but when the witches gave her the means to do it she stopped; she weighed the good she sees in him and the horrible things she knows he's done.

Cami tries to convince him that if he kills Rebekah, he'll be filled with regret. She also points out that he's behaving just like his father. That's a low blow for Klaus, who tells Cami his father was the monster that other monsters were scared of.

Family First

Elijah returns with the cure, assuring her it will work. At last, the moment has arrived for her to show her gratitude with ... a hug? Okay, he's going to declare his undying love with ... a kiss on the forehead? Sorry, Halijah fans, looks like this "ship" has sailed. One person pleased with the outcome is Sabine

Sabine tells Elijah that while he's been focusing all his attention on Hayley, Klaus and Rebekah have returned to the city to resurrect Davina, and Klaus has to be closing in on them fast.

A Night at the Opera

Mikael catches up Klaus at the opera. Mikael promises to remain in New Orleans after he kills Klaus so he can murder anyone who ever knew him, ensuring he'll be remembered by no one. The curtain rises and Mikael has prepared a macabre little show and compelled the audience to applaud it.

Klaus tries to save Marcel but is stopped by Mikael. Rebekah tries to intervene but gets injured. Mikael is elbow deep in Marcel's chest when Elijah swoops in and saves the day or at least his siblings, and they run. Mikael doesn't make the effort to pursue them until he sets the opera house on fire. Elijah stays behind to create a diversion while Rebekah and Klaus flee the city immediately. The rest, as fans know, is Originals history.

Cursed and Confined

Elijah returns with Sabine to the cemetery. He finds out too late that she cast a boundary spell, meaning Originals can enter but not leave. Rebekah is stuck after accompanying Marcel to retrieve Davina's body.

Celeste decides she's ready to move on to another body now that she's convinced of the Original family's impending destruction. Thanks to Elijah's foresight, she winds up in her original body. No hiding from anyone now. Elijah is able to kill her on the spot.

Davina rises from the dead thanks to Bastianna's death. How convenient the one witch that Marcel and Rebekah manage to kill is the right one. Now, the remaining members of the Original family face off in what is bound to be equal parts grueling physical and emotional confrontation.

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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