'The Originals' Recap: Klaus Goes to War with Everybody, Did He Win?
'The Originals' Recap: Klaus Goes to War with Everybody, Did He Win?
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On tonight's episode of The Originals, "The River in Reverse," Elijah suffers from the physical effects from his brother's bite. Hayley finally learns more about her ancestors and their history. Marcel and Rebekah declare war on Klaus but underestimate their opponent. Hayley and Elijah's feelings for one another grow stronger.

Crime and Punishment

It's a tense morning in the Mikaelson household. Klaus feels Rebekah is angry at him due to his refusal to ease Elijah's suffering, the result of a bite he inflicted. Rebekah admits that if she voices her opinion about what Klaus did to Elijah, she could be his next chew toy. Klaus has not completely eschewed the use of daggers -- he's obviously clueless that they are currently in his little sister's posession thanks to Hayley -- because he tells her that they remain his preferred punishment for her indiscretions. But, he promises that he would never bite Rebekah. He states that Elijah made some very offensive allegations regarding Klaus' intentions regarding his unborn child, and as a result, he deserves a day or two of "discomfort."

 At the werewolf encampment deep in the bayou, Elijah is suffering, but Hayley is happy to play nursemaid. Elijah says that once the hallucinations begin, he will become unstable and start to say and do things and encourages her to leave. Outside the ramshackle cabin, a mysterious woman watches from a distance.

Bringing Up Baby

Back in the city, Marcel introduces Tyler to his inner circle. He tells them Tyler has plenty to say about the traitorous behavior Klaus has been up to. He warns those who choose to stick around are signing up for battle. Tyler tells the abridged back story of Klaus' discovery of how to turn werewolves into hybrids. He also exposes Klaus' biggest secret, that Hayley is carrying his child.

Rebekah arrives just in time to steal the spotlight and deliver the news that Klaus will be able to use his baby's blood to create more hybrids. It doesn't occur to any of them that this scenario is completely hypothetical. They assume vampires will experience a day of reckoning when Klaus' hybrid army storms the streets of the quarter killing every vamp in sight.

Rebekah tells Tyler she assumes he's trying to rally Marcel and his minions into making sure Klaus and Hayley's baby is never born. Tyler puts on a much better tough guy act with Rebekah stating that if she isn't with them, she can run back to Klaus. Rebekah has always been against the creation of the hybrids, so it is no surprise when Marcel tells the group that Beks is on their side. There is one caveat, after breaking Tyler's neck, Rebekah announces there will be no more talk of harming the baby.

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An Unlikely Confidant

Under the ruse of dictating his memoirs, Klaus has lured Cami to the plantation to listen to him complain about Rebekah and Elijah's disloyalty. After a thousand years of engaging in vile behavior, he tries to portray himself as a martyr whose only motivation for his own treachery is to gain back the empire he lost for the good of his family. What he's selling, Cami isn't buying. She tells him he's repeating the same destructive cycles over and over, and that he is the architect of his own misery.

Compulsion has always been a tool vamps have over the weak-minded, but Cami isn't some dumb club kid like Josh. She knows Klaus compels her and why; he desperately wants someone to confide in. She also calls her out for wiping her memory after their heart-to-heart convos because he has trust issues.

A Plan Comes Together

Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean everybody isn't out to get you. Case in point, Marcel and Rebekah are fine tuning the details of their plot to guarantee Klaus desecrates in Marcel's morbid little garden. Tyler will be sitting the bench during the coup, so Rebekah's niece remains safe and sound in Hayley's womb.

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Klaus' bite is turning out to be more than the mere nuisance that Elijah predicted. Even under the weather, Elijah informs Hayley they are being watched. Hayley sees the girl who's been peeping, but she takes off as soon as Hayley calls out to her. It's obvious she's torn between running after the stranger but not wanting to leave Elijah alone.

The Trap is Set

Klaus sends Josh on a mission to steal the dagger from Marcel that was embedded in Elijah. This news only serves to strengthen Rebekah's resolve to take down her big brother. Josh fears what will happen to him if he shows up empty handed. Marcel instructs him to tell Klaus that Josh saw Marcel with the dagger, and if he wants it, he'll have to come and get it himself. Josh is to make it sound as if Marcel is extremely paranoid and keeping his inner circle close.

Josh returns and relays this information to Klaus in an attempt to convince the Original that it will be next to impossible to procure the dagger. Then he sets the bait. He says that Marcel will be at his compound that evening with just a date. This doesn't make much sense since Josh just told Klaus Marcel is on "high alert." Klaus promises Josh a daylight ring unless he's lying, in which case Josh will spend his eternal life in agony wishing for an exquisite death.

A Warning

Klaus stops by to talk to Father Kieran about Cami. Klaus tells him he compels her. He says at first it was because she was a useful spy but now it is for her own protection. Klaus says she's obsessed with her twin brother's killing spree. Klaus warns her uncle that she will dig and dig until she uncovers the supernatural forces that are as abundant in New Orleans as beads during Mardi Gras. He tells Kieran if she discovers New Orleans' worst kept secrets, she will be killed. Klaus says she needs to leave the city, preferably of her own free will. He says a war is coming and when it comes to battle, there are always innocent victims. Klaus pleads with Kieran to convince Cami to leave, or he'll be forced to compel her to go.

I'm not certain why all of a sudden Klaus has a problem with compelling Cami to do something. It could be because his hold on her is a bit tenuous, and once out of his reach, she would wind up turning right back around. Maybe he's just starting to feel bad about messing with her mind. Her lucidity regarding compulsion is kind of an anomaly, at least among humans anyway.


Klaus shows up at Marcel's compound and is confronted by his old friend as well as his sister. His arrogance isn't sated when he realizes he is being ambushed, Marcel has amassed a large army to take Klaus down. Klaus reminds the crowd that he is pretty much invincible and questions how long Marcel can maintain his power. Klaus tries some last minute recruiting tactics and spews some ugly death threats. Nobody want to join team Klaus, so the fighting begins. Klaus takes a bit of a beating, and for a few seconds, it looks like Rebekah and Marcel might get their happily ever after. Alas, it is not meant to be. Klaus gets his second wind and starts slaughtering everyone in sight. Rebekah begs Marcel to pledge his allegiance to her brother or he will kill everyone including Marcel. The self-proclaimed "King of New Orleans" metaphorically hands over the keys to his kingdom to his advisary.

Hallucinations and Revelations

Elijah isn't able to escape Klaus even while suffering from fever-induced hallucinations. He flashes back to a time when he was smitten with a witch named Celeste (Raney Branch). His love affair and comfortable life in New Orleans are endangered by Klaus' endless duels. Elijah warns him that excessive dead bodies could arouse the type of suspicion that would bring their father sniffing around. Klaus says he has blamed the death toll on the witches, one of whom is Celeste.  Elijah's anger towards Klaus causes him to attack Hayley who is saved by the mystery girl when she stakes him.

A Wolf's Tale

Hayley finally has the opportunity to get some information about her family. The woman who saved her life is named Eve (Tasha Ames). She tells Hayley that Marcel killed most of the werewolves, and those who survived, were put under a curse by a witch that makes them wolves all the time except when there's a full moon.

Elijah interrupts the conversation and seems to be feeling more like his old self. Hayley tells Eve she has to go but that she'll be back soon. Eve warns Hayley to cover the mark on her shoulder because it helps their enemies identify who the wolves are.

A Home Fit for a King

Klaus decides he wants his home back and evicts Marcel. Marcel tells Klaus he can have everything but loyalty because it can't be bought or owned or forced; it comes only out of love and respect from the people who believe in you.

Sacrifice and Salvation

Hayley finds out that Celeste was murdered thanks to Klaus' bogus tip. She asks Elijah why he wants to return home when his relationship with Klaus is broken. Elijah responds that if something is broken, there is the possibility of it being fixed. He also says that the incident with Celeste taught him that he could not ever put his own happiness ahead of his family.

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Family Feud

Now that Klaus has secured a dagger, Rebekah confronts her brother and questions which sibling he will punish, her or Elijah. Elijah enters the room, and Klaus accuses him of trying to steal his child by wooing Hayley. He's jealous of he affection she has had towards Elijah from the beginning. Rebekah reminds Klaus that they don't abandon him, he drives them away.

Finally, the anger gives way to grief and heartbreak as tears stream down Klaus' cheek. He truly feels that his recent attempts to regain all his family at last have gone unappreciated. All Klaus wants is for his brother and sister to believe his intentions regarding his unborn child are pure.

Klaus heads to his new digs and drags reluctant queen Hayley along with him. It looks like Elijah might literally spend eternity trying to salvage his brother's humanity. Especially since he missed it's emergence this time around.

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8 pm on the CW.

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