'The Originals' Recap: Klaus and Davina Meet
'The Originals' Recap: Klaus and Davina Meet
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this week's episode of The Originals, Davina comes out of hiding and gets an offer she can't refuse from Klaus. Hayley has a harrowing experience at her first doctor's appointment. Cami reveals a tragic family secret to Klaus. And Elijah is finally back in the mix.

Davina the Teenage Witch

Davina, whose relationship with Marcel remains a conundrum, said she wouldn't return Elijah to his family until she learned how to kill an Original. Cooler heads have prevailed, and it sounds as if Marcel has convinced her that it is in his best interest to honor his word.

Davina, in typical teenage fashion, is already moving on to other matters she thinks are important. Specifically, she wants to attend the Dauphine Street music festival. Marcel argues against it, which is expected. Why would he let his secret weapon against the witches out in public? He does seem genuinely concerned for her safety and well being. Davina says he can clear the quarter of any threats just so she can have one night.

When Marcel denies her request, a bit of Davina's true nature is revealed. She tells Marcel that she may do anything he says, but he forgets what she's capable of -- making someone's blood boil, for example. Realizing he has to keep her content or suffer the consequences, Marcel says she can attend the festival with a friend of his -- Cami.

A Compelling Relationship

Cami may be romantically linked to Marcel, but she's on Team Klaus thanks to all that pesky mind control. She informs him that Marcel will be bringing a girl he's mentoring to the festival. She has anger issues and is rebelling against authority. Doesn't take our boy Klaus long to figure out who this troubled youth is. Cami turned down the opportunity to babysit Marcel's young charge, but Klaus insists she'll have to change her mind.

Family Ties

Hayley finally gets some attention after weeks of the Klaus/Marcel/Rebekah threesome. One of the witches, Agnes (Karen Kaia Livers), scolds the mother-to-be about her poor prenatal care. She makes Hayley an appointment with a doctor out in the bayou and safe from possible probing vampire eyes.

Rebekah hasn't given up locating Elijah and does remember him being held in an attic somewhere. Klaus tells her that Marcel's delay in returning Elijah means he might not be the one calling the shots. He takes this as an indicator that the relationship between Marcel and Davina might be strained, leaving him an opening to lure her to the other side.

Davina's Debut

Marcel sets down strict guidelines for the evening's festivities. No witches or Originals allowed in the quarter during the festivities. The punishment for the witches -- death, of course. Not much he can do to Rebekah or Klaus. He orders his crew to keep their eyes on Cami and Davina at all times but no snacking allowed.

Even though she's stowed away from prying eyes in an attic, Davina still manages to have a love interest. His name is Tim, and he's a musician. This explains her insistence at attending the festival. She confides in Cami that she's known him since they were 10. Davina drops a breadcrumb regarding her history when she says she had to leave school and didn't get the  chance to say goodbye. She's hoping to speak to Tim that night.

Elijah At Last

Rebekah is tracking down her brother by attic shutters. A needle in the haystack, to say the least, but her search leads her to a church called St. Anne's, and she learns of its gruesome history. According to a priest, it used to be the heart of the neighborhood but has been abandoned for a while now. Nine seminary students were murdered by one of their own. She compels the priest to direct her to the attic which -- ding, ding, ding -- contains her daggered brother. Rebekah can't enter, even though she's been invited in once before.

Suddenly, she's transported into some kind of dream or vision or flashback or whatever. Elijah is there, and it turns out they are in a memory only the two siblings share. It doesn't seem to be witch power, but rather Original power, fueling this encounter. Elijah is awake and tells Rebekah that Davina removed the dagger and was unaware that doing so even once would negate its power. He says in a few hours, he'll be as good as new.

She tells him to pop her back in the attic, and they'll find a way to get him out. But Elijah isn't quite ready to leave yet. He senses the tenuous connection between Davina and Marcel, just as Klaus does, and thinks he can talk to her and barter a truce. They both seem to forget they are dealing with a moody teenage girl. He tasks Rebekah with protecting Hayley and the baby.

No Good Deed

Agnes delivers Hayley to the doctor, but as soon as Hayley exits the car, she's on the phone ordering that "they" be sent in quickly. After her ultrasound, the doctor comments on Hayley's birthmark. No interested in chit chat, Hayley readies to leave when she receives a text from Rebekah asking where she is. Something is up because the doctor says Hayley's blood pressure is high and disappears into a backroom with the witch. Wolves howl nearby, and a car full of ominous strangers pulls up. The doctor tries to inject Hayley with something, but Hayley kicks her butt and escapes out of a window. I have to wonder if the people she's running from are actually the family she's been searching for.

Teenage Dream

Klaus uses Davina's hormones against her by using Tim as bait. The two meet at St. Anne's, and Tim seems happy enough to see her, but who knows how much of his behavior is being dictated by Klaus? Davina says she won't be returning to school and that she misses him. I think the whole point of this otherwise snooze-worthy reunion is just to demonstrate that, despite whatever power Davina possesses, she's still just a girl, standing before a boy with a violin, asking him to like her.

By the way, it turns out the seminary student who went on a murderous rampage was Cami's twin brother, Sean. At least they finally gave this cardboard cutout of a character some depth. She confides in Klaus that she worries her brother demons will become her own. This entire conversation takes place with Tim's maudlin violin-playing going on in the background.

Klaus compels Cami and Tim giving him the privacy to deal with Davina. Klaus accuses Marcel of keeping her prisoner, while Davina argues for Marcel to keep her safe. Klaus plays his mind games, capitalizing on a young girl's emotions. Poor Tim becomes a pawn as Klaus uses him as leverage when Davina starts her witchy hijinks. Klaus gives Davina an ultimatum: she can swear allegiance to him and the boy lives, or stand against him and, well, I'm guessing no more Tim. Klaus doesn't get to finish his sentence because Davina goes all Carrie on prom night.

Big Fun on the Bayou

For a pregnant girl, Hayley kicks some serious ass. It doesn't look like these are friends or family. Rebekah shows up and says she was guided by a text and what I swear sounds like vampire urine. I'm assuming that can't be right. Anyway, they both get taken down by arrows. When Rebekah wakes up, there are bodies everywhere, but no Hayley in sight. She calls her brother, who has survived Davina's tantrum and says he'll be there soon. Davina leaves the church to search for Tim. He's with Klaus in the balcony, and tired of playing nice, Klaus throws the boy over the side and presumably to his death.

Master Manipulator

Davina returns to the church and finds Tim dying but not yet dead. Klaus offers to heal him if she asks, which of course he does. He then compels the young man, saying he'll forget everything that happened after the concert, including seeing Davina. Klaus lets Davina know she is now in his debt.

Clean Slate

Klaus makes it out to werewolf country, where he and Rebekah try to put together who killed Hayley's attackers and where she is now. They don't have to look too hard because she comes wandering up to them with no memory of what happened after she was shot. Klaus threatens to slaughter the witches who had vowed to protect Hayley. This is when Rebekah breaks the news that Elijah's been in touch and has plans of his own.

I'm glad to see some other characters get some time and attention. Just when I think Klaus has been neutered, he does some of his nastiest acts. Denying Cami the opportunity to uncover the mysteries surrounding her brother is one of his cruelest acts yet, even though he thinks otherwise. I still don't get all the appeal surrounding Cami. I thought he was somewhat devoted to Caroline. Hybrids are so fickle.This new priest is pretty dark for a man of the cloth, so he could become a valuable ally to Klaus.

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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