'The Originals' Recap: It's a Man's World
'The Originals' Recap: It's a Man's World
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this week's episode of The Originals, Davina helps Cami regain her memories. Klaus, Elijah and Marcel hunt for Davina. Sophie and Hayley join forces, and Rebekah begins plotting against Klaus once again.

When we last saw Klaus and Marcel, they were simpatico and languishing in the power they now co-yield (except Klaus is really in charge) over the Big Easy. Too bad they have managed to piss off some potentially dangerous ladies both human and supernatural. They managed to be so distracted that they let their not-so-secret weapon waltz right out of the compound.

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Girl Power

It's time for The Casket Girls festival, a fictitious tradition. It's based on Rebekah single-handedly murdering a group of predatory males just before they deflowered some lovely ladies on their way to New Orleans who were traveling with coffins. The legend lives on in "typical New Orleans fashion," according to Rebekah, with people in costumes, and is a yearly reminder of how women can be oppressed by selfish men but can triumph when brave enough to fight for themselves.

Poor Cami is enduring Davina's apparently torturous process of undoing all of the mind compulsion she's endured of late. She's in especially rough shape since she and Klaus were playing Interview with a Vampire. Josh is still miraculously alive, seemingly using Cami's pad as a hideout.

Will They or Won't They?

Hayley and Elijah's chemistry continues to grow. He just happens to be walking by her open bedroom door when she's trying on a dress and she can't get the zipper all the way up or fasten those last two pesky buttons. He readily offers his services. She complains about being knocked-up and alone, and he chivalrously offers to escort her to the evening's festivities. But this forbidden love is not to be ... yet. She rebuffs his invite so as not to rock the boat with Klaus, and then tempts fate by having him pull down the zipper he just pulled up and exposing just a hint of too much skin.


Davina finally makes a breakthrough with Cami, and Josh hands her some of her notes and self-reminders.

Witch Hunt

Klaus finally notices the young witch's absence and alerts Marcel, who is busy getting the cold shoulder from Rebekah. Marcel can't believe his young charge would leave voluntarily and is quick to try and lay the blame on Elijah. After all, he struck a bargain with her so enticing she was willing to lie to Marcel. Klaus is, of course, primarily concerned about how Davina is a threat to him, not what danger might await her. For an immortal, he's a bit of a scaredy cat. Klaus gets all "If she's not with me, she's against me," but Marcel ensures him she's in the family fold. Her stealing away like a thief in the night would say otherwise.

Beks finds out from Hayley that she did tell Davina about Agnes' death. Beks can relate to the heartbreak of being lied to by Marcel. Hayley says that Davina left because she realized they were just using her to control the witches. Rebekah is disgusted by all the testosterone.

Frankly, I'm not sure why she's still hanging around since her sole purpose for coming to the city was to make sure Elijah was safe. Now that he's poised to join Marcel and Klaus' boys club, she is free to hit the open road. But she has always been a sucker for punishment and now she's got both brothers and an ex. Plus, she would seem to be warming to the idea of becoming an auntie.

Rebekah remarks to Hayley that Davina is like a modern day casket girl, but Hayley suspects she's actually speaking about herself. Either way, Beks decides the girls need to stick together.

The Comeback

After a prolonged absence, the witches are back. Sabine informs Sophie that Klaus' men are scouring the quarter looking for Davina. This means the witches can finally get their spell on without fear of repercussion, and find Davina in time for the Harvest. Of course, with all the elders dead, the question of who'll perform the ritual is a question mark.

Marcel may not know Sabine and Sophie are performing a locater spell, but Davina is still a spell detector and figures it has to do with her. Cami wants to flee, but Davina points out that escaping the quarter without being spotted will be next to impossible. Cami decides they should go to her uncle (Father Kieran) for help but is informed by Davina that he already knows about everything, including the hex on her brother. Oh, the betrayal.

Josh offers the girls his car, which doesn't really help with the whole getting through the quarter incognito part. Luckily, there is a costume party going on with masks and everything. They promise to call him once it's dark so they can meet up and all run off together.

Unlikely Allies

Hayley receives a call from Sophie asking for a favor. Hayley is understandably less than willing until Sophie brings up her family. Her wolf family, not the baby's daddy. She informs Hayley that she comes from the crescent moon line of werewolves who have been cursed to remain trapped in wolf form. All information that has already come to light. Now here's the kicker: it's Sophie's family that executed the curse, which means that she can undo it. But only if the Harvest is completed. Otherwise, her power is gone for good.

Sophie needs to consecrate the remains of a powerful witch in order to absorb the power she needs for the harvest. She just happens to know of a witch who fits the bill: Celeste, Elijah's lover from 100 years or so ago. Rumor has it that after her death, he buried her body in a pre-determined spot. All Hayley has to do is trick her crush into telling her where. 

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Bait and Switch

Klaus locates Davina's young musician friend and uses his phone to call Josh, who, being the weak link, is dumb enough to answer a call from an unknown caller when he's supposed to be in hiding. Klaus manipulates poor dumb Josh who calls Cami and gives her the latest 411. She tells him to make his way to the quarter and stay hidden, and she'll text him when they have a plan. Seems like a very risky plan for Josh.

Davina and Cami have been forced to take refuge in Cami's uncle's church because while they were bright enough to put Davina in costume, she decided to abstain. After spotting Klaus on the street, they've been waylaid. Davina is ready to head back to the compound to save Tim, but the witches find her first. An incredibly short showdown ensues during which Davina snaps several witches in two. Cami, who was affected by the other witches' magic, is out cold. Davina leaves her behind, probably figuring she's safer unconscious.

A determined Davina heads toward the compound but is stopped by Josh. He senses she's about to wreak havoc and gives her a pep talk of sorts. After she leaves, Rebekah says that if Davina goes up against her brother, she will lose and offers up an alternative plan.

Davina arrives at the compound, and Klaus and Marcel play good cop, bad cop. Davina takes all three men down, taking special satisfaction in bringing out Klaus' wolfie side. Even the noble smooth-talking Elijah can't escape her tantrum as she has him choke on blood. She saves Marcel for last but starts to lose her momentum when he swears that he truly cares for her. And he did save her from the Reaping. Before she can rethink her fury, Beks takes Marcel down.

Beks proves her trustworthiness to Davina by unveiling Josh unharmed and freeing Tim from Klaus' compulsion. She wants Davina to think she's the softer side of the Original family.

Dear Diary

Hayley does some snooping and finds the location of Celeste's final resting place in one of his journals. Unfortunately, "between two lovely oak saplings" is a bit vague, especially 200 years later when all the trees are grown. Sophie wants more details, but Hayley has none to give. She tells Sophie that if she wants to be an all-powerful witch, she has to have some faith and keep looking. Inevitably, she figures it out. Not much surprise there.

Facing Facts

Just to make sure that Davina doesn't fall for Marcel's smooth moves in the future, she takes Davina to his garden where all those naughty vamps are slowly desiccating. For good measure, she mentions how her friend Josh could easily be one of them. Beks shows her Thierry, exonerated by Klaus but still imprisoned by Marcel.

Just as Davina is on the ropes, we find out Klaus had a Plan B. Tim offers Davina a drink, which turns out to be poisoned.

Broken Bonds

Kieran finds Cami in the church, and she confronts him over his lies. He claims he was only trying to protect her, but she tells him he's no better than any of the other monsters in the city.


Elijah, Marcel and Klaus recover, and Rebekah tells her brother that Davina and Tim are dying because of his treachery. Klaus claims he tried to be nice for Marcel's sake, but Davina just wasn't willing to play nice. According to Klaus, there is no cure, and he's more than happy to let two children die.

Marcel reveals that he came across Davina's handiwork at the church earlier that night. Sabine survived due to a protection spell. He told Sabine she could either cast the same spell for Davina or die for breaking his rule. Guess which door she picks? This doesn't please Klaus, who Elijah tells to call Rebekah and let her know that Davina will recover. Tim, on the other hand, not so much.

Davina's back in the fold, unwillingly. And her relationship with Marcel may never fully mend, especially with Beks chirping in her ear. It's hard to forget the horrors she's seen. And Cami may prove to be more of a threat to Klaus than anyone else. It looks like Hayley and Elijah are about to have another obstacle to overcome if there's to be any coupling in the future.

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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