'The Originals': Claire Holt Exits--Will Fans Leave Too?
'The Originals': Claire Holt Exits--Will Fans Leave Too?
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"Farewell to Storyville" was more than an episode title, it was a declaration. CW's The Originals has lost its female lead as Claire Holt has left the show as a series regular. Rebekah's absence creates a void that none of the remaining characters can fill. Can The Originals survive without the sole Mikaelson sister?

Shortly after Tuesday's episode, it was announced that Holt was no longer a series regular. It was hard to believe considering her character's high standing. The Originals was created as a starring vehicle solely for her, Joseph Morgan (Klaus) and Daniel Gillies (Elijah). With Holt gone, there will be a shift in the family dynamic that made the series so popular.

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Last month The CW gave The Originals an early second season renewal. This was due to its growing and very dedicated fan base. The latest episode drew 1.9 million viewers, which is good by CW standards. Last week, The Vampire Diaries pulled 2.2 million and it's in its fifth season. The Originals was on an upswing, and now it has to recalibrate.

Some fans claim that they're done watching the show. It may be an extreme reaction, but it's not unfounded. The series works because of what each Original brings to the table. Klaus is a brutal but wounded soul. Elijah is honorable yet stern, and Rebekah is a combination of both. She can be a terror but her need for love keeps her from going off the deep end.

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Rebekah was a female presence that couldn't be ignored. Even though she was surrounded by hyper masculine energy, Rebekah was rarely intimidated. That's an element that the show needs. Haley, Cammy and Davina work great as supporting characters, but neither can fill Rebekah's shoes. They don't have the history or development to back them up. In future episodes that will be painfully obvious.

The promo for the next week's, "Moon Over Bourbon Street," shows Klaus and Elijah celebrating. They've reclaimed their home and are back in the vampire ruling business. It's something we've all been waiting for, but it feels bittersweet. Rebekah should be there with them basking in the afterglow. This isn't the version of The Originals we signed up for.  

There is one positive in this situation. Rebekah wasn't staked, which means she could return at some point. It's going to be a long and tedious wait. Will you stick it out? What was your reaction when you found out Rebekah was leaving?

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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