[Video] 'The Originals' at Comic-Con 2014: First Look at Season 2, Klaus' Daddy Issues and Returning Characters
[Video] 'The Originals' at Comic-Con 2014: First Look at Season 2, Klaus' Daddy Issues and Returning Characters
The cast, creators and writers of The Originals were on hand at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 to dish on season 2. Not only did we get some teasers, but also a sneak peek at some footage.

The panel begins with a first look at The Originals season 2. It begins with a fairytale narration by Rebekah and footage from season 1 before jumping into new stuff. Hayley is falling apart as a hybrid, Klaus warns of enemies and there's vampire gangs and wolf hunts. Marcel works on a new vampire community, the search for the white oak stake, moonlight rings and daddy's back. Take a look: 

The Sins of the Past

That's the theme for The Originals season 2. Season 1 focused on taking down the vampires while season 2 will be more about the return of their monstrous parents and what that means for our heroes. Writer Michael Narducci adds that the season will have a "dark, warped fairy tale component." 

What about a crossover with The Vampire Diaries? The writers have an idea but "logistics" need to be worked out and that's very difficult. 

The Season 2 Premiere

It's titled "Rebirh" and focuses on people starting over after grieving whether it's real or fake. Creator Julie Plec provides a fun fact that she likes naming each episode after a New Orleans song, book or artist. Rebirth is a famous brass band. 

Klaus Seeks Revenge

"Violent, bloody, merciless revenge" to be exact and it will be early on in season 2. According to Joseph Morgan, Klaus has locked himself up like a "caged animal" and is waiting to make his move for revenge. He's tried painting to control his emotions (unsuccessfully). 

Now that Mikael is back Klaus will be forced to deal with some daddy issues. 

Hayley Tries to Find Herself 

Hayley has always wanted answers about her family as we learned back on The Vampire Diaries. Now she has them says Plec. She's lost everything and we'll watch her try and find her place in the universe. 

As for being a hybrid, she'll be looking to Klaus for guidance. There will be scenes where he gives her step-by-step instructions on how to be a hybrid. 

And will Klaus and Hayley get to hold their child again? Maybe. The writers are still working on how to do that in the best way possible. 

Killing Josh? 

Plec says she wants to do it but the other Originals writers won't let her. In the end, she couldn't do it either because she likes him, but added, she should do it.

There's a chance Josh may get a love interest as he fights for his life and tries to stay alive. 

Rebekah and Other New and Returning Characters

We saw them in the trailer but...

Esther and Mikael will also return and it "explodes" season 2 according to Julie.

Plec also confirms we'll see Rebekah at least once this season and it will happen within the first three episodes.

Daniel Sharman (Teen Wolf) will be playing Caleb and Davina is "smitten" about him. But can she trust him? 

The Originals season 2 premieres Monday October 6 at 8pm on CW. 

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