Newpeats not Cutting it? Office Spoilers 3/17
Newpeats not Cutting it?  Office Spoilers 3/17
If the great Newpeat experiment NBC is executing is doing nothing for your The Office appetite, we have a little relief in store for you in the form of some The Office spoilers!  The Office will return with a new episode April 4th, and the very premise has me rolling already.  What kind of trouble can Michael and Darryl possibly get into, and where?  And what about Jim and Pam?  Read on for more details.

The title of the episode is 'The Negotioation' and essentially the plot goes like this:  Michael and Darryl take a trip to Dunder's corporate headquarters to negotiate for a raise and have a wild road trip along the way.  I can't get any details about what happens to them before they wind up at Dunder but I can imagine several possibilities and they all lead to hilarity.   The concept of Michael negotiating for a pay raise itself is pretty funny, the addition of Darryl to the equation makes it ridiculous.

Next up is the fallout of the Jim and Pam situation. The whole confession deal with Rob is far from over.  Of course the storyline threatens to invade on dramatic territory,  but I wouldn't anticipate it getting too serious.  Although, its hard to imagine how they will keep it funny.

So, by show of hands, how many of you are ready for some new The Office?  I mean, newpeats is a nice attempt and all, but its kinda like putting ketchup on left over meatloaf and serving it up as fresh.  Nice try NBC.  What we'd really appreciate is if you could find a way to get April 4th here a little faster.
The Office ‘The Negotiation’ will air April 4th, 8pm est on NBC.  Until then, enjoy your ‘newpeats’.  Have faith, the drought will end soon.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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