The Office: A Benihana Christmas - Take 2
I know that I already reviewed last Thursday's episode of The Office, entitled "A Benihana Christmas", but that was before I headed over to MediaVillage. Our friends over there at the Village have written a far more in-depth and detailed look at the special hour-long episode, complete with the comedic and story highlights (with quotes too!). If you don't head over to MediaVillage often, you should. They've got some great stuff. Just one more thought: I'm not sure I've ever witnessed a TV show get this much universal praise since "Seinfeld" was in its heyday. Everyone, and I mean everyone, loves The Office. It's unprecedented. Anyway, there's an excerpt after the jump.
Best Office moments from "A Benihana Christmas":
  • Michael's "She ain't your ho, no mo" speech
  • Michael repeatedly previewing James Blunt on his iTunes - without purchasing the song
  • Nagasaki drinks = Eggnog and Saki
  • Kevin singing Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know"
  • Kelly singing "We belong together...Ryan."
  • Dwight's intricately disturbing explanation to the waitress of how to gut a goose.
The Office: A Benihana Christmas - MediaVillage -Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer