Buddy Bites: 'The Office' Does 'Glee,' 'Outlaw' Almost Out
Ben Watson
Ben Watson
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A Gleeful Office

Get ready to Gleek out Office fans. Word is out that an entire upcoming episode of The Office will be dedicated to Glee. Well, watching Glee that is. Even though no one from Glee will appear in the episode I am really hoping the office mates do their take on the cast and sing-a-long with the show. After The Office season 7 opened with such a glorious lip dub, it should come as no surprise that the employees at Dunder Mifflin are all about Glee. And if the episode they watch is as quotable as this week's Glee, we are in for a treat. It's pretty cool of NBC (or is it?) to devote an entire episode of The Office to promoting an already hit show on FOX. [Ausiello]

Outlaw Out of Order
Fans of the new series Outlaw (and judging by the numbers, there aren't that many) should be on high alert. NBC has put the freshman series, led by Jimmy Smits, on "production hiatus." The show has already aired three episodes and the production crew has completed five more. But starting tomorrow, production will be put on hold until the masterminds at NBC figure out what to do with it.

If you're a fan of the show, this isn't the best news. I've been there before with shows like Studio 60, when you just wanted the network to make a decision. Keep it on, or yank it like a band-aid - right off! It's too bad about Outlaw, not because the show is any good, but because Jimmy Smits is such a fine actor. Hopefully this saga will end soon and he can begin his next (hopefully better) TV venture. [Deadline]

Big Love for Biggest Losers
Biggest Loser Season 9 contestant Sam Poue has something to brag about, other than dropping lbs. He recently proposed to fellow cast mate Stephanie Anderson. The couple met while filming the show, and they instantly feel for each other. This is not the first time the show has played cupid. Season 2 contestant Matt Hoover and Suzy Preston got married after their season, and get this, they are still married! That has to be a reality TV shocker. [TV Guide]

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