5 Things to be Thankful for in This Week's NBC Christmas Comedy Block
5 Things to be Thankful for in This Week's NBC Christmas Comedy Block
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Tomorrow night, the Thursday Night Comedy Club will magically transform into the Thursday Night Christmas Comedy Club, with three extra-special holiday-themed episodes airing on NBC.

So bust out your 'nog, throw a log in the fire and kiss your DVR under the mistletoe. (What? I don't know.) Here are five great reasons to watch NBC between 8 and 10pm tomorrow:

1. The Office Christmas Special (Michael's last ... SOB!): The comedy that really knows how to do Christmas right (by doing it all wrong) is at it again, this year with an hour long episode. And a certain Santa is coming to visit (for the last time, I might add). Check out this clip from "Classy Christmas":

2. Plus: Holly's back! Which means she and Michael are back to their old, cheesy ways. I couldn't be happier about that, and neither could Michael:

3. 30 Rock on the "Attack": It's a guest star-studded Christmas Eve at 30 Rockafeller Plaza, when Elizabeth Banks, Alan Alda and Elaine Stritch return to spend the holidays with Jack in the oh-so-joyfully titled "Christmas Attack Zone":

4. A Stop-Motion Community Christmas: What's better than those classic stop-motion animated Christmas specials? Combining the best show of 2010 with the style of those animated specials, and handing the reigns over to Abed. Check out these two clips from tomorrow's unmissable, "Uncontrollable" Community. It's gonna be awesome:

5. Last but not least, courtesy of the Grinch: No Outsourced! Yay! I mean, sorry Outsourced. I shouldn't be such a meanie at Christmas time. How about this: Thank you, Outsourced, for sacrificing yourself so that we might have an hour-long Office special. You have embodied the true meaning of Christmas simply by not showing up. 

A bonus reason to watch: Check out where Community landed on our Best TV Shows of 2010 list. It's pretty high up there.

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