25 TV Personalities to Follow on Twitter
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Have you ever wished that you could jump inside the brain of your favorite TV star or writer so that even when the show wasn't on, you could witness their brilliance, insight and hilarity at all times?

Well, even if you haven't wished it, since that's sort of a creepy (but understandable) wish, now you can, thanks to Twitter. Getting inside a star's head has never been easier! (Or less messy, if we're being literal. Which, for the record, we are not.)

Here are our picks for 25 people on and involved with TV (both real and fictional!) that you'll want to make sure you follow this summer.

The Community star is on his comedy/hip hop tour this summer, and virtually following him along the way will lead to plenty of solid laughs and sexy allusions.

Example tweet: "The Real Housewives of New Jersey look like Wallace and Gromit villains."

The star of Parks and Recreation brings his infectious energy and enthusiasm to his live updates, and posts all kinds of hilarious links as well.

Example tweet: "Google image searched "puppy tux" and "puppy naps" #ThingsIDidTodayInsteadofWork"


The actor who plays the lovable Cameron on Modern Family is almost nothing like his character in real life, but that doesn't mean his thoughts and tweets are any less lovable.

Example tweet: "when u return from NYC people always ask: where u ate, where u stayed & what shows u saw. never: did u see anyone pooping on the sidewalk?"

The Community showrunner tweets about his show plenty, as well as slice-of-life jokes and observations, but it's his jokingly juvenile replies to users who insult Community episodes that make his approach to Twitter unique (so unique there are articles about it!).

Example tweet: "Would you like your 60+ male to seem virile, but not lecherous? I can help, or my name's not Mary Steenburgen's manager."

Louis C.K. is a comedian first, TV star second, and his Twitter reflects just how great he is at both. But stay away if you're easily offended. This example tweet has been censored.

Example tweet: "Why did the four babies cross the road? Probably to follow their mother. Stupid f***ing 4 babies."


The creator of Raising Hope regularly updates his feed with photos, jokes, observations and even contests (especially when he's bored).

Example tweet:
"New contest! How many fingers is my idiot cousin holding up. Winner gets a very rare Earl Bobble Head."

Alec Sulkin is a writer for Family Guy and one of the most followed funny people on Twitter. It's not hard to see why.

Example tweet: ""I've got 99 problems and I'm not dealing with any of them." (Lay-Z)"

Kurt is arguably most consistently fantastic character on Glee, so it should come as no surprise that the updates by the talented young actor who plays him, Chris Colfer, are also consistently fantastic. He's so smart and busy, you'll forget he's just 21.

Example tweet: "Today I saw a car with a "my child is an honor student" stopping at green lights. Clearly the apple fell far from the tree..."

The co-creator of Lost still tweets about it. A lot. He also is kind of a geek about everything else he likes in pop culture.

Example tweet: "When I say I have no regrets, I'm not begin entirely truthful. Sigh. That beard. That accursed beard. #WeHaveToGoBack"

The Office writer and star is the kind of effortlessly, endearingly hilarious on Twitter that makes you know she's not making this stuff up.

Example tweet: "God some days I just want to remake the Boy Is Mine video with Ellie Kemper and go to McDonalds"

You'd expect a writer and producer for Modern Family to be laugh-out-loud funny in real life, wouldn't you? And your expectations would be correct, at least when it comes to Danny Zuker.

Example: "I refuse to use twitter to self promote things like Wed. night's all new Modern Family that I wrote and is hilarious."

The star of Chuck tweets about his show and his other (equally nerdy) interests.

Example tweet:
"So, just in case you were wondering, there is in fact a God, and he's apparently a HUGE fan of Jeffster! Who knew right?!"

The Chuck co-star actually takes the trouble to interact with fans on a fairly regular basis. It helps that he seems to be as big a fan of Chuck as anyone.

Example tweet: "OMG!! I just heard!! It's official!!! ASHTON FREAKING KUTCHER!!!! ....I kid I kid. Thank you Chuck fans. You are Kings among men."

America's favorite cartoon dad is just not lazy enough to share his jokes and family gripes with us on Twitter. And we thank him for it.

Example tweet: "Lisa's bunny died and we had a funeral out back. But dead things in the yard are unsanitary so after she was asleep I dug it up and ate it."

@Kurt Sutter
The Sons of Anarchy showrunner is never dull, always honest and often hilarious.

Example tweet: "my secret dream is to be cast in a tarantino film as an imaginative malevolent psychopath with a good heart... ya know, play myself."

In addition to creating/executive producing Bones and the new series, The Finder, Hart Hanson spends a lot of time on Twitter. His multiple daily posts often include links to Bones related articles and photos. Plus, he retweets pretty much everything interesting posted by the cast and crew of his shows.

Example tweet:
"Interesting factoid: Any time @geoffstults buys me a drink, it's utterly revolting. Is it possible that he is doing this on purpose?"

The Saturday Night Live head writer loves to post bonus SNL goodies among his jokes. Both are worth checking out.

Example tweet: "Assuming Schwarzenegger had to come clean b/c there was a 10 year old benching 350."

This writer and producer has been involved with virtually every cult show on recent television (including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Game of Thrones and Torchwood). And she tweets about all of them.

Example tweet: "Just had a great idea for a scene in a fast food restaurant. Seriously. And I can use this to justify a trip to Jack in the Box."

It's a little scary how culturally-relevant a bunch of child-oriented puppets can be.

Example tweet:
"Bert: The singer, Bob Dylan, said "the answer is blowing in the wind." But I say, that's a case where a paper clip would've been useful."

The man behind the icon that is Dwight Schrute has plenty of fascinating interests outside of The Office, and he's more than willing to share them with a side of his own quick wit.

Example tweet: "If I were a Kardashian, I would be Kikoo the developmentally disabled one who lives in the pool house & makes designer drool bibs."

Robot Chicken, "cyborg turkey"... you get it. The people behind Robot Chicken are just as weird as you would expect.

Example tweet: "Those poor Glee kids. If our reward after a season of RC was spending hiatus doing traveling RC stage show, many brains would be blown out"

The star of Castle (and all those canceled cult shows) loves his Twitter and uses it often. In addition to the occasional show photo, Fillion often uses Twitter to call attention to hidden jokes in Castle episodes.

Example tweet: "East Coast! How about that cliffhanger? West Coast! There's a cliffhanger coming up!"

The Bachelor host has a healthy sense of humor about his job and the show, and loves to interact with fans. Expect lots of Bachelorette hints and jokes as the current season airs this summer.

Example tweet: "Judge people just like you guys do RT @cwaterfalls2: @chrisbharrison what do you do while off camera?"

This professional nerd and frequent guest star often uses Twitter to mention and post pictures of just about every show he works on.

Example tweet: "It doesn't matter. Anti-matter. #boomboomboomboomboom"

He's a writer and producer (most notably of the MTV Movie Awards) but his Twitter reads like the musings of a comedian. Which he is as well.

Example tweet: "Looking for a place that cuts good jibs."

Are you on Twitter? Do you have favorite TV personalities to follow? Share 'em in the comments! And don't forget to follow @BuddyTV for all the TV news and fun you could ever want this summer.

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