'The Nine Lives of Chloe King' Recap: Best of 'Responsible'
'The Nine Lives of Chloe King' Recap: Best of 'Responsible'
Meredith and Chloe have dinner with the newest love interest and his daughter. The daughter runs away with her creepy boyfriend who just so happens to be a human trafficker. Also, some stalker (Jasmine's new boyfriend, Zane) is taking pictures of Chloe and the other Mai members. Alek is interested in Chloe and jealous over Brian and the testosterone is pumping.

Top Five Moments:

5. Taken: The main plot for Chloe to feel guilty about this week is that this girl Vanessa, daughter of Meredith's new boyfriend, is in love and wants to see her boyfriend so she runs away after Chloe gives some advice. But her boyfriend is 27 and, oh, he's a human trafficker. I kept thinking the dad would come in guns-a-blazing but that is reserved for our resident badass Chloe King.

4. Awkward Family Dinner: What were Meredith and the new boyfriend doing while the daughter and Chloe talked? Like, why did they awkwardly force the kids to bond? I guess to propel the plot forward and for Chloe and Vanessa to bond. A little contrived, but that's the last awkward dinner. Unless Meredith and Brian's dad date!

3. Paul: Geeky know-it-all has been done before, but I like the take on Paul. I like that he is genuinely positive and happy about most things; he always has a very earnest smile. The scene with him dispensing advice to Alek was cute and Paul really seems to be the only one invested in the Mai stuff. He's really the only one asking the questions all of us want answers to. And, he's one of the few characters who is not annoying all the time.

2. Shameless Product Placement: This storyline was kind of put on the side (thank goodness) because Meredith and Chloe scenes were traded in for other ones. Meredith buys Chloe a Kia Soul because that's the car ABC Family managed to get as an advertiser. I know I am continuing this shameless product placement, but it humors me every time.

1. The Triangle: The triangle is always going to be the best part of this show. It was ironic that Chloe threatened Alek if he hurt Brian, but Brian actually landed a good punch on Alek. Brian, to his credit, looked very child-like when he defended himself by saying he thought Alek hurt Chloe and later apologized. Chloe and Alek kiss again with plans to maybe date. I am so looking forward to an epic showdown between Alek and Brian in the future.

The Triangle! Chloe thinks she's in love with Brian. Everything changes. It's apparently the summer finale, so tune in. And in the meantime check out this exclusive video from Skyler Samuels answering BuddyTV's question on training for her fight scenes.

Emily E. Steck
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