'The Nine Lives of Chloe King' Recap: Best of 'Dogs of War'
'The Nine Lives of Chloe King' Recap: Best of 'Dogs of War'
Chloe, ever the compassionate Uniter, helps a 'Jackal' reunite with his family against the wishes of the Mai. The Mai use this opportunity to strike against Jackal unbeknownst to Chloe, though it is really a trap. Shocker. Paul and Amy conclude Alek's crushing on Chloe. Meredith King (Momma King) files to declare her husband dead so she can have a totally cool boyfriend.

Top Five Moments:

5. Expanded Mythology: Jackals are the Mai's big enemy besides the Order of unseen assassins. Naturally, they are dog-like creatures because all cats and dogs do not get along (except for my dog--loved my cat). The Mai think Jackals are evil, Jackals think that about the Mai. It's like the Middle East, but with supernatural powers!

4. Summer Crossover Event: Not really, but Teen Wolf's Colton Haynes guest stars this week as Kai, some Jackal guy that Chloe wants to help. The name Kai is a pretty stupid choice consider the opposing ancient race is called Mai, but no one cares about the name, just the bod. And the more opportunities to watch shirtless Colton Haynes (I cover Teen Wolf too) is delightful.

3. Daddy Issues: Chloe is rather cool with her mom dating. She likes the boyfriend and wants her mom to be happy; overall, wicked mature. So the daddy issues are stemming from Meredith (Momma King=Queen), who feels guilty for no reason. Didn't Chloe's dad leave them? Or did he disappear? Whatever the reason, Momma King wants to move on by officially declaring her husband dead. I thought people just dated, but Momma King wants to overachieve.

2. Alek and Jasmine's Bravery: He really did get beaten up quite badly for Chloe. Sometimes, Alek makes me uncomfortable when he propositions Chloe because it feels forced--like he is trying too hard. So I like that here it shows that he really cares. Jasmine took the fall for Alek's mistake and her mother harshly states that she isn't surprised she's disappointed. It showed strength in character for these Mai soldiers.

1. The Kiss: Last episode, Chloe runs away from Brian when he tries to kiss her. This episode, she leans into Alek's kiss! This whole no Mai-human stuff is hurting Brian in the race for Chloe's heart. Though I think Alek's line about belonging together came out of nowhere, I liked the kiss between them. It was sweet.

So next week, there will be triangle drama according to the previews! But Meredith and Chloe will finally clash over secret keeping about their lost patriarch.

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

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