'The Nine Lives of Chloe King' Finale Recap: Best of 'Beautiful Day'
'The Nine Lives of Chloe King' Finale Recap: Best of 'Beautiful Day'
On tonight's Nine Lives of Chloe King, Chloe and Brian take a road trip to find answers about his mother's death, but more questions arise for us viewers (like a cat version of Lost!). Chloe's father contacts her to meet him tonight. Also, Chloe sort of chooses her guy. An assassin is after prominent members of the Mai and one of Chloe's nine lives is at stake. No one is safe.

Top Five Moments:

5. Random Notes: Chloe's father and Brian's grandmother are the same person; the older red-headed woman who Chloe and Brian visited was seen burning the replica storybook Chloe used to identify her father. Alek has an evil brother (I thought Jasmine was just projecting by picking like Alek). Jasmine and Valentina are at the brink of death. Meredith King and Whitney Rezza have dinner together--I was so right about them one day dating! That Simone girl shot Chloe! Basically, the last ten minutes had a heavy amount of cliffhangers and all of them needed to be addressed.

4. Daddy Issues: Brian and Chloe have some major daddy issues that are well-deserved. Brian's dad--his name is Whitney Rezza--won't discuss his wife's murder at any costs, effectively damaging his tentative relationship with his son. Meanwhile, Chloe tries to meet her long-lost adoptive father, but it is a trap. There was some parallel with these two love birds.

3. Assassins Strike: So this Zane character is a Mai member working with the group of assassins known as the Order. He semi-seduces Jasmine and poisons her mother Valentina. Then, he stabs Jasmine. Alek (on the sidelines for most of the episode because he is mad at Chloe) jumps in to find the mess and vows to kill him. Zane drops the American accent and says hello to Alek, his brother! They dropped these bits like flies this episode! That was a good twist--but I wish that we knew more about Alek so that really could have punched us in the gut even more.

2. Sharing is Caring: Secrets were revealed this episode. Perhaps the most obvious one is that Chloe admits to being in love with Brian--though she doesn't want to and she wants to stop. It's interesting here because it has been hinted that Chloe would be with Brian if not for the Mai-human fatality. Theoretically, if she had been with Brian all along, Alek wouldn't have been in the picture (romantically). Alek listens from upstairs. Ouch. Alek wants Chloe to choose him and only him. She sort of doesn't. And she sort of never can.

1. Death Becomes Her/Him: After being shot, Chloe is bleeding out on the stairwell and a pretty song is playing. Brian hears the gun shot, and runs inside. He proclaims how much he loves Chloe and for her to wake up. Chloe does--because she just lost one of her lives--and they kiss. Amy and Paul walk in and Chloe says that Brian is dead. Tragic. That is what that is--Chloe's first love died because they kissed. (Or did he?) Please be alive Brian! Spare Chloe (and myself) the heartbreak.

So that was the end of season 1! What did everyone think of the finale, and what can expect in season 2?

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

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