On The Set: 'The Nine Lives of Chloe King' Cast Talk 'Buffy' Comparisons
On The Set: 'The Nine Lives of Chloe King' Cast Talk 'Buffy' Comparisons
Lisa Palmer
Lisa Palmer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
A teenage girl finds out she has super powers.  Her father isn't around and she has a close relationship with her mother and two best friends, a guy and a girl.  She also, suddenly, has her pick of cute guys: one human, and one supernatural.  Sound familiar circa 1997?  Don't worry, Buffy fans.  I've spoken to the actors of The Nine Lives of Chloe King and they are fully aware of the similarities between the series' and are only interested in paying tribute to the cult favorite that is Buffy the Vampire Slayer

So if Chloe is parallel to Buffy, and Amy is Willow, Paul is Xander, and Meredith, Chloe mom is parallel to Joyce. And what about the men that are interested in Chloe?  Brian reminds me of a Riley type, from seasons 4-6.  As for Alek, there are some striking similarities between him and Angel, starting with the fact that he protects Chloe at the beginning of their relationship, but does have a rather mysterious quality that makes us as viewers, and Chloe, want to find out more.  But who exactly is the big bad here?   After the second episode, an assassin on the scene was killed by Valentina, Jasmine's mom, leader of the San Francisco Mai. Obviously people are out to destroy Chloe's kind, the Mai, but will the series come out with one true villain?  Is Brian's dad the one pulling all the strings? 

When I was lucky enough to visit the set last week, I came prepared with questions for each cast member.  I didn't want to necessarily ask about the similarities between the two series', but a number of the actors brought it up, so I was only happy to here them out. 

Skyler Samuels, the actress who plays Chloe King was fun to talk to, wry, and professional.  When asked about the similarities, Samuels noted, "I think it's quite a compliment to be compared to Buffy.  There are certainly a lot of obvious differences between Buffy and Chloe, but I think Buffy was a show for a generation, like it's so iconic...so to be compared to something of that caliber is quite a compliment, you know?  I'm proud."

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Grace Phipps, when asked if her character Amy would be learning to defend herself after some helpless "scuttling," from dangerous situations, as Phipps calls it, she discusses Amy's natural talents, which include her "Willow research powers."  When prompted to discuss more about Buffy, Phipps quipped, "Buffy got me through middle school!  When I first read the pilot, I thought, Oh my God, it's like Buffy!"  When asked about the differences, Phipps quickly said, "Well, it's its own entity, certainly...but in terms of  actual genre, I would call it Buffy Jr.-descendenty because in terms of show structure and the quippy humor during the fighting, I mean there's a reason it gets compared to it, but it's certainly not trying to be Buffy."  Phipps even joked she'd be dabbling in Wiccan soon, just as Willow did.

Alek's character, Benjamin Stone, who I've pinned as the parallel universe Angel, had this to say on the similarities between Buffy and Nine Lives: "I do see them, yeah, but I think they are very different as well.  There are some better things with Buffy and some better things with this.  Then again, this show is still evolving and each episode is more different.  I think episode three had all the right elements of suspense, good ending with the fighting."  Stone also went to to discuss what he thought The Nine Lives of Chloe King did that was better than Buffy.  "I think it's funnier than Buffy.  I think it's more modern and more for now.  And I like the story of the Mai." 

I think Ki Hong Lee said it best, when he clearly stated, "This show is a lot like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  In every generation, there is a chosen one.  And in 2011, it's Chloe King. 

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