American Idol for bands?
It was hinted at during last night's American Idol results show and FOX has out out a press release this morning: sometime in the near future, there will be an American Idol for bands.  The working title, according to the press release, is The Search for the Next Great American Band.  You can go to for application forms and eligibility/submission rules.  This seems like the obvious next stop for the most dominant TV franchise the universe has ever known, but I'm a little skeptical about how the Idol producers will pull it off. 

First off, the idea is a good one.  Personally, I enjoy bands a heck of a lot more than singular pop artists.  But, there are some logistical problems.

1) Auditions.

It's certainly not going to be as easy as people showing up to an arena.  As you can see on the Idol website, there are going to have to be submissions.  Will there even be any audition episodes?  Will it just be judges watching videotape?  On what criteria will they be judged?  Bands are so much more complex and diverse than a singular voice, that judging at any point will be difficult.

2) Performing
What will they perform?  Will it be original music, or will they perform covers? Bands are supposed to write their own music, and the quality of that music is typically more integral to success than how well they play their instruments.  There are a lot of great cover bands out there for a reason.  Playing an instrument is a learned skill.  The ability to write music is something you're born with.  

Those are two major areas that FOX will have to look into.  I also wonder how many legitimate bands will try and sign up for the show.  Rock music types aren't the ones who watch American Idol, and I think the prevailing thought about the bands who sign up for the show will be that they've already sold out.  But, you can never underestimate the production team that has brought us American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.  

What do you think?  Will it be a success?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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