In Honor of Election Day 2012: Political Videos from Television Shows
In Honor of Election Day 2012: Political Videos from Television Shows
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Is the real 2012 election getting you down? Tired of all of the non-entertaining, important stuff happening out there? Need something to pass the time until Jon Stewart starts broadcasting?

Then this is for you. TV loves using politics in its shows, and there are lots of entertaining, fictional political videos out there. Here are just a few from Parks and Recreation, The West Wing, Key & Peele and more.

Parks and Recreation

Much of Parks and Recreation season 4 was devoted to Leslie Knope's run for Town Council office in her beloved Pawnee, Indiana. Here are just a few of the highlights from that campaign.

Recording Leslie's Campaign Song

After the "Get on Your Feet" debacle, Leslie totally needed her own campaign song. Click here to watch that! 

You're probably tired of political ads. But these ones are funny. You should watch them.

First, the Bobby Newport attack ad: 

Leslie Knope's "pro" ad:

And the ad they actually went with:

If that's not enough, here is a retrospective of the entire Parks and Recreation campaign:

Why wouldn't you vote for Leslie Knope after all that? (SPOILER ALERT: She won.)


OK, so Community is not the most political of shows. But even this bit of comedy insanity offered us the most compelling political showdown of the century. Seriously. Check it out below.

The West Wing

A look at politics on TV shows could not possibly be complete without The West Wing. And no election is complete without a debate. Here, you get both:

And then there's the election night itself. This includes some education about how to vote. If you are concerned about voting correctly, you should probably watch this.

Key & Peele

If you haven't seen the "Obama's anger translator" skits on Key & Peele, you should change that. Now.

Saturday Night Live

We can't possibly complete this list of videos without at least one video from Saturday Night Live. Political television stuff is pretty much their bread and butter, especially in an election year.

Yes, this video is quite dated. And there has been plenty of more recent stuff. I just really, really love the acting and the reminders of two of the most prominent female politicians of the past decade.

The Newsroom

And just because it's one of the best TV series openings ever -- and is totally political -- here is the opening scene of The Newsroom.

Have fun voting, everyone!

(Images and videos courtesy of NBC, Comedy Central and HBO)