The Mole 5: Season Finale Recap
The Mole 5: Season Finale Recap
Last week on The Mole, the final three competitors pretended they were Jack Bauer and defused a bomb before it could blow up $50,000.  After another challenge that sent them running around Buenos Aires snapping photos, the contestants gathered to take the extra difficult 20 question mole quiz.  The episode came to an end before host Jon Kelley went over the quiz results, leaving us all twiddling our thumbs for an entire week.  Thanks a lot, ABC.

Unless there's some miraculous ratings surge, tonight's episode will be the last viewers ever see of The Mole.  The final installment will reveal the identity of the saboteur and reward one lucky contestant with $420,000.

All of the executed players have returned for the finale, and they begin the episode hanging out in a fancy house with Jon Kelley.  He shows a video highlighting the most suspicious actions of the final three contestants.  It's a nice reminder that anyone could be the mole at this point, but my money is still on Craig.  Remember the time he gave his teammates terrible vehicles and forced them to opt out of that challenge?  Or when he had to go to the hospital due to supposed altitude sickness?  I'm on to him!

To help pad time until we get to the good stuff, Jon reminds us what a useless weakling Bobby was during the competition.  His inability to do anything athletic made me suspect him as the mole early on, but then he was eliminated and ruined my theory.  Bobby claims that he pushed himself too hard too early, and that's why he had the stamina of an 80-year-old woman.

It's time to find out who wins the $420,000!  Jon has the final three contestants locked in separate rooms, and though he slips each of them keys only the winner's door will open.  A moment later, a door slowly opens and out walks. . .Mark.  He gets all the cash, and also has the honor of unlocking the mole's door.  After a commercial break that piles on the suspense, it's revealed that the mole is Craig.  Woo, I was right all along!  Please excuse me while I get up and do numerous dances, including the cabbage patch and the electric slide.

Jon queues up a montage of Nicole's greatest moments, but we don't really care since she's neither the winner or the mole.  They do show her threatening to kill Paul in his sleep once again, so that's nice.  We also learn that Paul knew it was Craig all along, but he still got booted after tying another player's quiz score and having a slower time.

Jon reveals that Mark was stuck in ties with both Clay and Victoria during the competition, meaning that he could have been eliminated early on.  Because Clay got eliminated while targeting Nicole as the mole, Mark figured out that the real culprit must be Craig once it got down to the final three.  It's a good thing Clay was telling the truth about pointing the finger at Nicole, otherwise Mark wouldn't have won.  Jon also mentions that the dossier had no useful information in it whatsoever, so Mark tossed away $75,000 for nothing.

Now it's time to find out what Craig did to sabotage the other players.  He dropped the bag while going over the waterfall in the first mission, hid a copper kettle worth $10,000 in the second, scored a goal on his own team during the Chilean soccer match, encouraged Bobby to hop in the wheelbarrow while pig hunting, broke the rules on the luge, forced his teammates to opt out of the transportation challenge, purposefully botched the children's games while blindfolded, and intentionally got shot by Mark during paintball.  He did, however, legitimately help out while defusing the bomb.  Overall, he kept more than $100,000 from being added to the pot throughout the competition.

I was wrong about one thing: Craig actually had to go to the hospital due to altitude sickness while lugging gold bricks up the mountain. I guess there are some things even the mole can't fake.

Jon reveals that there were hidden clues in every episode pointing to who the mole is.  Unfortunately this isn't Lost, and I doubt the 12 people who have been watching this show bothered to go frame by frame through each installment for clues.  If anyone out there actually caught on to any of these, please let me know.  Perhaps the most obvious clue is that Jon didn't call Craig's name during any of the execution ceremonies.

The Mole wraps up with Mark's wife surprising him in the studio, where she learns that she won't have to work anymore now that they have hundreds of thousands of dollars.  That's it for the series, which was a fun adventure while it lasted.  Too bad the adventure didn't result in bigger ratings.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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