The Mole 5: Episode 9 Recap
The Mole 5: Episode 9 Recap
Last week on The Mole, the theories of many fans got shot down when Paul was eliminated from the competition after failing the quiz.  A lot of people had the New Yorker pegged as the titular backstabber, but his surprising ouster forced fans to take a second look at the three remaining contestants.  As the penultimate episode of the series kicks off tonight, we're left with Nicole, Craig and Mark.  One of them has been lying and attempting to sabotage the other players throughout the competition, but who could it be?  My vote is for Craig, if only because his trip to the hospital in episode four seemed so realistic that I'm convinced it must have been faked.  That's just how my paranoid mind works.

The players are still in Buenos Aires as the episode begins, which makes me long to whip out some Evita lyrics.  I'll spare you guys the Andrew Lloyd Webber just this once.  Nicole claims that she'll faint if Craig isn't the mole, while Craig is convinced it must be Mark.

For this week's first challenge, Jon Kelley has locked $50,000 and a bomb behind some bulletproof glass.  The players have one hour to tap into their inner Jack Bauer, defuse the bomb and save the cash.  I'm kind of horrified that ABC would really risk blowing up $50,000.  People like me could certainly use some of that cash.  The players find some different colored wires, as well as 24 puzzles relating to time zones around the world.  After figuring out the brain teasers, they end up with letters that spell out, "Clue: Cut is red + blue."  With two words missing due to confusingly scrambled letters, the trio has trouble figuring out whether to cut the purple wire or both the red and the blue wires.  They decide to cut the purple, and. . .nothing happens.  The money doesn't explode and $50,000 is added to the pot.  Jon shows up and reveals that the full message is, "Clue: Cut wire that is red + blue."

The next day, the final three meet Jon in front of the Casa Rosada for their last mission.  They each get a cell phone and an envelope containing three different clues. They have to solve the clues to get to certain locations and complete certain tasks, and the first person to finish will be presented with an interesting option: they can either add $75,000 to the pot, or have a briefcase that contains the mole's dossier.

After Craig gets to the correct location, Jon informs him that his first task is to go into a store, try on a leather jacket and take a picture of himself.  Mark has to take a picture in front of a famous statue, while Nicole needs to pose with a flag.  Craig completes his task quickly, but the other two players have trouble.  Mark decides to ignore his map and take directions from the locals, which costs him valuable time.

The players rush to take their snapshots, which involve eating dulce de leche and, strangely enough, visiting Evita's grave.  That's it, now it's required that I bust out some Evita lyrics, so here we go: "What's new, Buenos Aires?  I'm new!  I wanna say I'm just a little stuck on you.  You'll be on me too!"  Now just picture Madonna playing the 16-year-old version of Eva Perón and it'll be like you're watching the movie.

Mark and Craig finish their final tasks at the same time, or at least that's what the crafty Mole editors would like us to believe.  Mark makes it to the final location first and is given the choice between the dossier and the $75,000.  Because Mark is completely obsessed with gathering intel about the mole, he chooses the dossier, which may or may not contain useful information.  He takes a look at the file, but we don't discover if he learns anything.

Tonight's quiz has 20 questions instead of 10, some of which go back to the first mission of the season, so the final three really have to rack their brains this time.  Instead of showing us who gets eliminated, the episode comes to an end after Jon goes over all the questions.  Boo!

Next week on the final episode of The Mole, we learn who's been lying all along, and just what they've done to sabotage the other teammates.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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