'The Mindy Project' Recap: Mindy Finds Her Inner Warrior
'The Mindy Project' Recap: Mindy Finds Her Inner Warrior
Jennifer Barbee
Jennifer Barbee
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In a shocking turn of events on this week's episode of The Mindy Project, Danny and Mindy are mean to each other! Only this time, Mindy's inner warrior and a little bit of nudity allows Mindy to emerge victorious in this continued battle of low-blows.

In the opening of the episode we join Mindy in the afterglow of a night with Josh, trying to recreate a Julia Roberts moment by putting on his button-down from the night before. Everything seems to be going according to romantic comedy script until Josh accidentally puts on Mindy's jeans.  Woe to the double standard, but why is it that a big men's shirt can be sexy on a woman, but too-short, saggy-waisted lady jeans don't quite do the same thing for a man? Could this look be the end of Josh? Well, at least for this episode it was.

After the credits, it's time to bring the action to the office where the episode's two plotlines are united by my new favorite sitcom glue - Morgan the Accidentally Wise. As a character that used to live in a prison, where he was known as the Lock-ness Morgan (mostly because he always showed up blurry in photos), his Shawshank-via-the-rabbit-hole bon mots definitely provide the most surprisingly endearing character I can think of in all the new shows of this season.

At the heart of the action, Mindy needs a new gynecologist. Working in an office full of them and being one herself would make you think that this might be sort of like finding a Kardashian at a divorce party, but apparently personal relationships get in the way of an unbiased examination of one's lady parts. Thankfully,after a hilariously insightful argument about whether or not a cartoon sun really needs to wear sunglasses, Danny inadvertently insults Mindy by likening their relationship to that of his relationship with the office desk lamp. In other words, do you sense a challenge? Of course you do.

Meanwhile, Jeremy is lurking around the edges trying to reclaim his expensive watch from it's prison on Mindy's nightstand.  Barring Mindy's agreement to simply return the thing, he tricks poor Morgan back into crime by suggesting that they break into Mindy's place to plan a surprise half birthday party. Did someone say birthday party? Oh, yep, there's Betsy ready to go along for the ride. Poor Betsy, she's almost as clueless as Morgan. . . wait a minute. Is anyone else thinking these two might end up in a romance? I'm not sure if that would be adorable or if that would be like trying to watch sea otters perform algebra. Which, I guess would also be adorable. So, okay, sure.

While Jeremy and crew go in search of his watch, Mindy and Danny get personal in her pre-exam questionnaire. What is your fitness routine? Are you sexually active? What is your menstrual flow like? When the questions start putting Mindy on the defensive, she pulls out the most reliable weapon in her aresenal: Danny's divorce. As in a few of the other episodes we've seen, we know by now that this is essentially the signal for Danny to unleash the proverbial Kraken and rain verbal hell upon Mindy's self-esteem. In this case, the battleground was Mindy's admission that she wanted to have four children. Danny whipped out some Bill Clinton vs. Romney style arithmatic on Mindy and just like that -- poof went that self-esteem.

Personally, I'm not loving the continued meanness between these two characters when it's pretty clear that there is also a large chunk of sexual tension stuck in their teeth after every bite they take at each other's expense. Though Mindy gives it as good as she gets it in every episode, some barbs on each side tend to get pretty nasty. But then again, I guess without it, how could our pal Morgan come in to lay down that quality of wisdom I haven't heard since my grandpa came back from a hunting trip with a three day beard and a 3/4 empty jar of moonshine?

After Morgan realizes that Jeremy has tricked him back into his criminal ways and cuts out to return to the office, he finds Mindy sitting on the floor getting a pep talk from Gwen.  He asks, "Did someone kick your ass?" When she tells him that someone kicked her emotional ass, he explains to her that the way he got by in prison. He tells her to "think of the best, strongest version of yourself and never tell its name to anyone else. . . whatever he is doing to your warrior, he is not doing to you." 

Jeremy, for his part, seems to be getting his conscience's ass kicked sideways by Betsy back in Mindy's apartment. Betsy's supreme disappointment in his behavior leads her to give up on the idea that there must be something good inside him if her "best friend" Mindy was sharing a bed with him. Somewhere in the recesses of Jeremy's tremendous ego, self-awareness blossomed like the Grinch's heart this week.  He left the watch behind rather than steal it back simply for the sake of redemption with Betsy.

Mindy and her inner warrior, named Beyonce Pad Thai (thank you, writers for making me spit out my mashed potatoes), successfully navigated the battle of the weigh-in and managed to emerge from the OB/GYN challenge victorious by raising the stakes in one supremely uncomfortable breast exam. Danny caves and Mindy and Beyonce Pad Thai celebrate the discovery that Danny, indeed, does have personal feelings.

Will the lady jeans be the end of Josh? Will the Lock-ness Morgan ever appear clearly in photos? Will Beyonce Pad Thai continue to win the UFC of the OB/GYN? Keep track of this and other mysteries by adding The Mindy Project to your BuddyTV watchlist by downloading BuddyTV Guide for free to your mobile device.

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