'The Mentalist' Season 5 Spoilers: Getting Inches from Red John and More
'The Mentalist' Season 5 Spoilers: Getting Inches from Red John and More
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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The Mentalist recently aired its 100th episode and gave us the information on how Jane came to be working with the CBI. They also gave us an episode where Jane met his daughter (sort of). But if you think those are going to be the highlights of the season, check out what else is coming this year.

Owain Yeoman (who plays Rigsby on the hit CBS series) shared some tidbits about the rest of the season with DigitalSpy and from what I can see; it looks like we're in for more great stuff. 

Inches away from Red John

When asked about whether or not we'll see the actual Red John this season, Yeoman said, "I think the big question has been, 'When will we see Red John?' and the challenge that Bruno Heller has as the show creator is that it's the raison d'etre for the show - if you take away Jane's hunt for Red John, the serial killer who killed his wife and child, you take away his whole reason for being and his whole reason for being in the CBI, so it's a fine balancing act of how much you can tease it out without boring an audience.

"Bruno's been very tactical this year and promised we will get within inches of Red John. You know, I'd love to pretend I'm being all kinds of sneaky, but I'll just be dead honest with you and say I really don't know who Red John is! It makes me laugh when you hear actors go, 'I'm gonna have to be top secret about the truth' - I really don't know! I think only Bruno really knows - he decides on where to go with that."

Yeoman added, "We've been promised from Bruno that we will get literally inches away from Red John this season. This is the big season if you are a Red John fan."

New characters and returning characters

Yeoman also said, "But we've got Emmanuelle Chriqui coming back playing Lorelei this season, which I think was a wonderful injection of life last season. It's really interesting to see the dynamic between her and Jane, and and Summer (Samaire Armstrong), Cho's prostitute girlfriend, is making a return. We've also got Virgil Minnelli 
(Gregory Itzin) coming back."

On Jane (and the rest of the team) heading down a darker path this season

About the show's (and Jane's) grittier storylines recently, Yeoman said, "We've found that people seem to be responding more to grittiness at the moment. I don't know if that's down to the economy being in a bad place or people just being in a darker place, but they just seemed to have really responded to that and I think it makes the Jane character so much more interesting - under all this lightness, you suddenly see a very dark and possibly slightly mentally unstable place that he comes from.

"I think that layers it and I think you'll see this season with every single character, we peel the onion away and see that none of us are stable characters and none of us have come to law enforcement through a very traditional path. Hopefully that'll make it interesting. You know, I'm not saying there's not an element of humor there, but I think Simon wanted to deliberately take Jane down that path to see how much they could push that envelope."

All of that sounds pretty good to me and I've really enjoyed where the story has been heading this season on The Mentalist. What do you think of what's to come for the show? Are you enjoying the darker episodes or do you wish it would go back to more lighter fare?

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