'The Mentalist' Review: Jane Discovers His Talent in the 100th Episode
'The Mentalist' Review: Jane Discovers His Talent in the 100th Episode
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
In the 100th episode of The Mentalist, called "Red Dawn," we find a out how the team met and what it was that made Jane start working for them in the first place. 

A broken man

The Patrick Jane who walked off the elevator in the first scene of this episode was so different from the guy we know now, I almost could have sworn I was watching a new show and Simon Baker was playing a different character. The Jane from back then was unkempt, nervous and sounded like he hadn't used his voice in a while. Knowing where he was for a year, I guess I can't blame the guy for not quite knowing how to be out in the world again. 

How it all began

I always wanted to know how Jane started working with the CBI team and it looks like the way he got his foot in the door, was with his nose. Who knew that getting punched out by a cop could be a good thing? It was still hard to believe that they would give him as much freedom as they did in the beginning, but Minelli trying to make nice after the assault was as good an explanation as any. 

New beginnings

Ever since I saw the first episode of this series, I always assumed that though Jane and Lisbon worked well together, she must have been saddled with him in the beginning. While that is mostly true, there is also a lot more to it than that; it turns out Lisbon was the one to spot the gift that Jane had and encouraged him to use. Sure, I guess you could argue that she was only doing it for the betterment of her case, but I like to think that it was her way of helping him move on. Whereas Hannigan coldly told Jane to get a new family (as if it were the easiest thing in the world), Lisbon actually handed him a new purpose in life. 

A new mystery?

At the end of the episode, we saw Minelli taking a call from the Director of the FBI. She knew all about Jane and Red John and seemed to be taking orders from an unknown man (at least I can't recall seeing that guy before, please correct me if I'm wrong). So the question now is: how far up does this go and could Red John actually be someone within the FBI? The mystery deepens. 

My favorite bits and quotes:

Jane: "I could just sit right there." - I'm assumed he was pointing at his couch and it made me smile. 

The look on Lisbon's face when the captain suggested that Lisbon take Jane with on the long drive. 

Jane: "Just pretend I'm not here." 
Cho: "Okay."

Jane's reaction to seeing his first body. 

Dellinger: "You want to hurt a man. Don't kill him. Kill his family."

Jane cold-reading Lisbon. 

Lisbon telling Jane to clean himself up. 

Lisbon: "No offense, but you have kind of a homeless vibe about you." 
Jane: "I cleaned up like you told me to." 
Lisbon: "It's a process, huh?"

The way Jane's head bopped up and down when he claimed he was stretching his legs. 

The dirty looks Jane got from Cho, Rigbsy and Hannigan when he walked back into the precinct. 

Jane's longing look at the Red John files when Lisbon asked for his help. 

Jane: "Hi, folks. Quick question, which one of you killed Winston Dellinger?"

Lisbon: "You are absolutely sure?" 
Jane: "Uh, 70%"

Rigsby holding up Van Pelt's file and Cho telling him that she was out of his league. 

Jane and Lisbon's awkward hug. 

Lisbon shushing Cho so that he wouldn't wake Jane. 

What did you think of The Mentalist's 100th episode? Did it answer a lot of questions you had about Jane and the team or perhaps make you come up with a few new ones? Who do you think the mysterious man in the limo is? 

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