'The Mentalist' Recap: Weekend Warrior
'The Mentalist' Recap: Weekend Warrior

On this super special Friday episode of The Mentalist, Jane and the team have to solve the murder of a terminally ill cancer patient. Meanwhile, Cho and Rigsby get new perspectives while in the line of fire.

They're Great!

Jane and Lisbon are called to a crime scene that is nestled in the middle of a large cat reservation. I don't mean fat or above average-sized house cats, I'm talking about tigers. The body is Archer Braddock, a terminal cancer patient. Not only was Archer a terminal patient, but he was very wealthy.

Lisbon and Jane head to Archer's house to talk to his wife, Helen. Helen is also suffering from cancer, so they go to her bedroom to talk. They meet Braddock's daughter from a previous marriage, Liesel, and learn that he also has a son named Aiden, but they had a falling out. Jane does his normal roaming around the house and discovers a canister that reeks. I thought it was a private weed stash, but it turned out to be a stinky tea.

Late Morning

Rigsby and Van Pelt are busy getting more information about Aiden when Cho comes to the office. It's the first time that he has been late, and what would make super strict Cho late? He was busy spending the night and morning learning more about Summer, his former CI. Rigsby and Cho then go to the restaurant Aiden is working at only to have to chase him on foot. Aiden escapes Indiana Jones-style under a closing garage door, and they are left in the dust.

Meanwhile, Jane and Lisbon go to see Dr. Scheck, who was giving Archer an experimental cancer treatment. He says that he didn't give Archer any treatment the day of the murder, even though Archer's planner said that he had a treatment that day. Jane speaks to another patient about the stinky tea and is given a heads up on where to find it.

New Age Guru

Jane and Lisbon go to a holistic tea and healing center and find Brother Joseph in the middle of a ritual. he says that he is responsible for selling the tea to Archer, and that it helps with the cancer. He gave Archer his final treatment of solar flairs the day of his murder, and says that he wants to see Archer's body to release any evil spirits before the funeral. Jane and Lisbon then go back to talk to Helen, when Jane decides to mix up the situation like he normally does.

Cho and Rigsby find Aiden and learn about his drug dealer Mike Tran asking questions about Archer. They go to Mike's house where trouble starts a brewing. Rigsby goes in with his gun drawn and calls Cho on the radio for back up. The problem is that Cho is still worn out from the night before. It looks as if a night with Summer is on par with running a marathon. Cho wakes up just in time and manages to shoot Mike before he shoots Rigsby. Although he is a hero, he still feels terrible for being a bad partner.

Power Sprints

Jane decides to light a bag of the stinky tea on fire and put it in the air vents at the Braddock's house. Helen hears the fire alarm go off and suddenly sprints out of her bed and out the door. It's as if she is the Usain Bolt of cancer sufferers. It turns out that Helen was lying about having cancer so she could get married to Archer and his millions. While she didn't kill him, she is still going to jail for fraud.

Afterwards, Jane and Lisbon visit Dr. Scheck, who is also requesting to see the body to see the progress of the cancer after his treatments. Jane tells him that they will let him know what the autopsy shows when the results are available.

Unlikely Killer

Jane and Lisbon hide out in the morgue and wait for the killer to try to take the body again. The person who shows up is Brother Joseph, and he is immediately arrested. While he's in custody, Lisbon gets a call saying that the body has been stolen. They release Brother Joseph and head to Dr. Scheck's office.

It is there that they find Scheck's nurse cutting up and incinerating the body.It turns out that she was taking bribes from people to put them in the experimental treatment. The problem was that the treatment wasn't working and she was trying to protect Scheck and her private business.

I have to say, The Mentalist works best when you have more than a 23-hour break between episodes. Not a bad episode, but I don't understand why they played it tonight on back-to-back days. I guess CBS just wanted to ruin any plans I had for a Friday night.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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