'The Mentalist' Recap: Soldier of Misfortune
'The Mentalist' Recap: Soldier of Misfortune
On this week's episode of The Mentalist, Jane and Lisbon have to go to a protest and solve a murder while stopping another. Grab your acoustic guitar and start a bongo circle, because it's time to band together against the Man.

You Talkin' To Me?

Lisbon and Cho have been assigned to work crowd control at a protest. It's a pro-immigration rally, which is so 2005. C'mon guys, we all know that protests these days are against Wall Street and the like. While walking through the crowd, they find a dead body in an alleyway and call Jane and the rest of the CBI team to help. While going towards the body, Jane spots a suspicious guy that looks like a cross between Marc Anthony and Travis Bickle. It looks like we have a suspect.

They take the man into the office and find out he is Henry Tibbs, whose activites include job hunting, hating the mayor, and carrying a handgun with him at all times. He has a license to do that last part because he's a Texan, and apparently they all have those. (Full disclosure: I'm a Texan and don't have one.)

Have a Drink On Me

The team is told to let Tibbs go by their new, baby-faced boss Luther Wainwright, who is the whitest man on television with the first name Luther. Jane wants to keep Tibbs under surveillance. They also find out that their victim was a photographer who always had his phone on him, but there was no phone on the body. Jane and Cho follow Tibbs to a bar where Jane puts on his best I'm-A-Texan-Gun-Freak voice and convinces Tibbs that they are one in the same. Jane tells Wainwright that he is convinced that Tibbs will kill a lot of people soon, but we all know that Pre-Crime doesn't exist unless a red ball with an etching of the suspects name says so.

While Jane and Cho are busy drinking on the job, the others track down the dead guy's cell phone to a foreclosed house that looks exactly like the house from the "balloon-man" episode. It's probably just a coincidence. In the house they find a bum named Willie Shubert who admits to the crime. Lisbon doesn't believe him though because he was one of her favorite saxophone players in college.

The Long Con

In order to find out more about Tibbs, Jane has Rigsby set up a fake job interview for Tibbs to go to. Van Pelt goes to talk to Linda Tibbs, Henry's estranged wife. Cho gets to follow Tibbs around looking indiscriminate with his ball cap and sun glasses. Rigsby asks Tibbs questions that Wainwright gave him which are part of a personality test. It turns out that the results show that Tibbs isn't crazy, but Jane suspects otherwise.

Van Pelt can't get any information from Linda, because she has tried to tell people about him before but no one listened to her. Wouldn't you talk to the person that offers to listen instead of complain that no one listens? Cho follows Tibbs out to a gun range in the desert where Tibbs delightfully mows down a bunch of mannequins with a gun that Rambo would envy. I'm sure it's just because Tibbs really hated the 1987 Kim Cattrall Mannequin and not because he is insane.

Search and Seizure

Back in the office Wainwright wants to call the surveillance off and arrest Tibbs for an illegal weapons charge, but Jane wants more time to catch Tibbs trying to kill a person. Thank god real police don't do this because it sounds like a really terrible plan in real life. Lisbon talks to Willie and has him admit that he wasn't the killer, but only wanted to go to jail to get off of the street. Lisbon then goes to a pawn shop and pays to use a camera to look at the memory stick that was in the dead photographers camera. Does Lisbon not understand that she is a cop investigating a murder and can take the SD card without paying any money? The pictures lead them to the murderer, and the case is quietly closed.

Afterwards, Lisbon goes with Jane into Tibbs house and find a bunch of guns and a calendar of the mayor's meetings in the closet along with unsigned divorce papers. They tell Rigsby and Van Pelt to watch the diner where Linda works, and lo and behold, in walks Tibbs demanding to know where Linda is. Van Pelt almost shoots him when he pulls out flowers from a bag. Wainwright has had enough and tries again to end the investigation.

Guns and Ammo

Wainwright goes to Tibbs house to make an arrest and Tibbs runs off in his car. Jane knows that he is heading to a Garden Party for the mayor and has the team wait for him there. Tibbs gets to the party and pulls out an Uzi and notices Jane, who tries to talk him out of it. Tibbs breaches the etiquette of high society and instead of properly eating tiny sandwiches shoots the Uzi into the crowd of people. Don't worry, Jane and Lisbon switched the bullets with blanks back at his house.

On next week's episode of The Mentalist, Jane and the team get "island fever" according to CBS' promo. I went to Cozumel once and caught something I called "island fever" and I'm hoping that it is something completely different.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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