'The Mentalist' Recap: Rebirth of a Con Man
'The Mentalist' Recap: Rebirth of a Con Man
On this week's episode of The Mentalist, Jane gets attacked while working on a murder case and wakes up with amnesia! I don't know how they do it, but the writers for this show just keep coming up with new story lines that have never been used before.

Soggy Ambush

The CBI team are called out to the murder of a firefighter who was killed by getting his throat slashed in the woods by his fire house. His name was Paul, and he was the local super hero who was everything you want out of a firefighter. Toby, a fellow firefighter, found Paul while waiting for him to get off his shift and join him in a celebratory cigar for Toby's bachelor party that night. Toby denies knowing anything, but some men will do anything to get away from the imminent threat of marriage. I almost drove South until my car ran out of gas to start a new life the night before my wedding, so I don't think killing a man is that far of a stretch. Jane goes to look around the crime scene when he comes to a pond. A man jumps out of the water and drowns Jane, but he has to be joking right?

No, Jane was not joking at all. Lisbon finds him a short time later and pulls him out onto the land. It takes the paramedics shocking him back to life to revive him. They take him to the hospital where Lisbon visits him. It turns out that he doesn't remember that he works for CBI and assumes that Lisbon is there because they are lovers. It turns out that Jane is in a fugue state, which means that he has repressed past memories after the trauma of nearly dying. It looks like it's going to be a fun episode.

Local Hero

In the office, Lisbon tells everyone else to act normal around Jane and to not bring up the fact that his family was butchered by a serial killer. When Jane appears he awkwardly hits on Van Pelt and then gets to work on solving the crime. The problem is that he is working on the wrong crime; this one dealing with a masked ATM robber. Oops. Cho shows the team a video from the night Paul was murdered in which he saved a man from a burning house. While Paul saved the man's life, his partner was mysteriously absent in the video.

Jane and Rigsby go to the fire house to talk to the other firefighters. Jane says that the fire dog has a sixth sense and can pinpoint the murderer. It then goes towards one guy, but that's because Jane put fish in the man's pocket. What a jokester. Jane does notice another firefighter acting guilty when this happens though and starts to question him. His name is Larkin, and he had more than a fire fighter brotherhood with Paul. They were also Eskimo Brothers. Yes, Larkin was sleeping with Paul's wife.

How is Paul's wife by the way? Well, she is being questioned in the office by Van pelt, and it seems that she is having the time of her life. I have never seen a new widow look so happy. You know that marriage had to be messed up if the wife couldn't even act like she is sad that her soul mate is dead.

The Roof is on Fire

Back in the interrogation room, Rigsby is getting more information from Larkin. It turns out that hew as Paul's partner in the house fire. Rigsby asks why he didn't have Paul's back when he saved the home owner, and Larkin says it was because Paul left him behind in a smoky room to act like a hero. What a glory hog. Saving lives for recognition, what a monster! While Rigsby is talking to Larkin, Jane and Cho go to the scene of the fire and find Tom Wilcox, the man who Paul saved. Tom is mad that he can't get back in his house to get his belongings and tells Jane that they have no money and the house was uninsured.

Jane and Cho drive Tom back to the motel that he and his family are staying at and meet Tom's wife and daughter. Ton's daughter wants her dolls back, so Jane says he'll go back to the house and get them for her. Back at the house, Cho asks what Jane's ploy is because he never wants to help people if there is nothing in it for him. Jane takes offense and tells Cho that he is starting to remember something about his family and that he needs a few minutes alone. When Cho leaves, Jane immediately darts for a clost and finds a safe inside. Very sneaky, Jane.

Drinking Games

Cho comes back for Jane but finds that he is gone. He goes back to the office where everyone states the obvious about how they should have kept a closer eye on him. Jane even stole sixty bucks out of Rigsby's wallet. It looks like good ol' scumbag Jane has returned.

The team suddenly gets a call from a bar about a person doing spiritual readings. Somehow, Jane convinced a bar full of people to be quiet and listen to him talk about dead parents. What a depressing trick that is. It turns out that Jane took the whole fire crew out for drinks, and picked up a bunch of chicks in the process. Lisbon has him go back to the hospital and threatens to keep him there as a witness. Jane says that he knows who the killer is and he'll help catch him the next day if she'll leave him alone.

Money Grab

The next morning, Jane shows up at Tom's motel and finds him packing up a moving truck. Jane starts questioning Tom and tells him that he knows that he killed Paul. It turns out that Tom was the masked ATM robber. He went home and tried to burn the evidence of his crime, but the fire went out of control. Tom passed out, but Paul saw his robbery mask when he saved him so Tom had to kill him to make sure word didn't get out. Jane then tells Tom to give him half of the money he stole and he'll let him go. Tom pays Jane the money, and the CBI team swoops in and arrests Tom.

Jane stops by the office with his new piece of arm candy saying goodbye to the CBI team. They soon catch wind that he took half of Tom's money before the arrest, but he says they can't prove it and tries to leave. Lisbon tells him she'll let him quit if she can show him one thing first. Jane then drives with Lisbon to his house where she shows him the Red John symbol. Does Jane get his memory back? I'm guessing yes, because the show would get real boring if it was him trying to pick up cougars in bars.

Once again, The Mentalist leaves us again for a bit, but we still had fun while it lasted. I just wish CBS wouldn't do these stops and starts, because it really ruins the flow of the series. Until next time, Happy Holidays!

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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