'The Mentalist' Recap: On an Island in the Sun
'The Mentalist' Recap: On an Island in the Sun
On this week's episode of The Mentalist, the team is called out to a little island to solve the murder of a girl with a troubled past. Grab your butterfly nets and a cup of tea for some highly observational fun.

Lonely Island

Lisbon and Jane are checking out the body of a dead female on an island when they run into William Gardner, butterfly enthusiast. They find out that the land is owned by another man, Jeb Stack (no relation to Joe Stack, noted IRS hater) who owns the land that the body was found on. It looks like we already have our first few suspects.

It turns out that the body belongs to a young woman named Talia Suarez who grew up in and out of foster homes. Jane and Lisbon try to find townspeople to talk to, but the place is deserted because everyone is at a town meeting. Who goes to town meetings anymore? I guess the locals are stuck in a time capsule of 1948.

Back on the mainland, Rigsby and Van Pelt visit the office of Social Services to find out more information on Talia and her foster families. The lady who is "helping" them is a stereotypical "I don't care about these kids" Social Services worker that is in every television show. How did that occupation get so stereotyped? Van Pelt has had enough of her guff and spills the ladies all over her desk and storms out.

On the Dock

Cho says that he found video of Talia going on the ferry to the island, and also came across some personal artifacts such as her journal. Inside of the journal was a piece of paper with "San Felix Fish" written on it, so obviously that means the fishing dock on the island. Jane and Lisbon talk to the head fisherman, Jack LeFleur who says that they were out to sea when Talia was killed. He says he wants nothing to do with killing someone because he is trying to expand the docks and his business.

Jane and Lisbon then go to question Stack about his alibi for the night of the murder and he says that he was at home. They then question his ranch hands, including Whit, who has a broken arm. It is important to point out that as soon as my wife saw his face, she knew that he was the guy who play Scut Farkus, the bully is A Christmas Story. I guess when you watch a movie for 24 straight hours once a year, that kind of thing sticks with you.

A Pop in the Mouth

Cho gets Talia's phone records which leads him to Dennis Kagan. Cho and Van Pelt go to pick him up for questioning, which Kagan responds with an elbow to the mouth of Van Pelt. Cho proves that chivalry isn't dead by not doing anything about this, and Van Pelt gets in a small altercation before bringing Kagan in. It turns out that Talia went to San Felix to track down the man who killed her father and bring him to justice. Kagan says his name is Charlie Tuna or something ridiculous, but that is too outrageous of a name for this show. What's that? Oh, his name's Eddie Fish ... nevermind.

Lisbon relays this new information to Jane who hatches a scheme to find out who is the man formerly known as Eddie Fish. Lisbon then asks Van Pelt why she keeps getting up in everybody's grill, what with the coffee throwing and suspect fighting, and Van Pelt says that it is nothing. In her defense, Kagan did hit her first, so it shouldn't matter what she did to him.

Town Meeting

Jane goes around spreading various rumors and half-truths to everyone that he finds in the town. Apparently the topic du jour, is whether or not to allow more visitors on the island or keep the environment safe. Jane tells people on each side of the issue that cruise ships are coming which sends the whole place into a frenzy.

The towns people do what they do whenever the smallest inconvenience hits them can calls an emergency town meeting. It looks like Jane successfully got everyone on the island into the same room.

Fresh Fish

Jane starts the meeting by telling everyone to put their coffee cups on a table and then sit down. He then explains the story of Talia and Eddie Fish, and that the police will be checking their cups for finger prints to find a match. Butterfly lover Gardner starts screaming about civil rights and says he is getting a camera to document this police abuse. Jane correctly guesses that he will not be coming back and Cho and Van Pelt arrest him on the dock trying to flee the island. It looks like we found the former Mr. Fish.

But he is not the one who killed Talia. It turns out that Whit did that deed after meeting Talia on the ferry. I knew White wasn't trustworthy. He has yellow eyes! So help me God, yellow eyes! Van Pelt and Rigsby then play good cop, bad cop and he confesses to her rape and murder. Case closed. Good job everybody.

On next week's episode of The Mentalist, Lisbon's brother comes into town as a bumbling bounty hunter. Look out Dog, there's another amateur cop wanna-be in town!

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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