'The Mentalist' Recap: My Idiot Brother
'The Mentalist' Recap: My Idiot Brother
On this week's episode of The Mentalist, a dead police chief sends the CBI team looking for someone who took Ice T's "Cop Killa" too literally. Along the way there is a Lisbon family reunion.

Family Ties

We open up the episode with the dead body of a cop. Marti Green was more than your ordinary cop though; she was the Chief of Police. Rigsby and Lisbon interview Officer Price at the scene for more information, but Jane would rather use his superior intellect for clues. He finds out that Green couldn't have been the one driving her squad car (do Chiefs of police drive squad cars?) because the seat was adjusted for someone larger. Not only that, but there is blood in the trunk, which means that she was dumped on the scene.

Rigsby and Lisbon then go to Green's house for more answers only to be barged in on by a guy with a gun. When Rigsby responds a young girl appears and pulls a shot gun on him. It turns out that these people are Tommy and Annie, brother and niece of Lisbon.

The (Un)usual Suspects

Back in the office the team starts getting information on possible suspects. It turns out that Tommy is a bounty hunter and he was looking for a man named Carmine O'Brien, who may be involved in the murder. I think everybody with the name Carmine is a shady individual, and this only confirms my suspicions. Officer Price comes in and lets them know about a Russian named Zubov who Green had arrested earlier for a wishy-washy DUI charge. It looks like we know who to look for.

Jane and Lisbon track Zubov to a fancy resort and find out that he is a creepy Russian, but that's not unusual for rich Russian men. Jane suspects Zubov of being a sex addict and Zubov quits the interview. Lisbon and Jane then talk to Chad Carmichael, manager of the resort, to get a security tape of Zubov's room. Phillip Carmichael, father of Chad and the resort owner, says no, but Chad gives them the tape anyways. While this is going on Cho finds O'Brien, only to be hit by a car, with Tommy also at the scene. Ouch.

Black Sheep

Lisbon arrives when Cho is being taken away by an ambulance and blames Tommy for interfering with the investigation. Apparently Tommy is the screw up of the Lisbon family. Van Pelt is back in office with the resort security tape and finds out that Zubov had assaulted a maid. It turns out that Zubov is a big fan of Dominic Strauss-Kahn. Van Pelt interviews the maid who says she only told Green about the attack but didn't want to press charges. They bring in Zubov for questioning who admitted to hitting on the maid, but nothing more. He then points them towards a woman named Jori who he saw at Green's house.

It turns out Jori's son Steven is a drug addict, and Jori was asking Green for help. The team then starts a search for Steven. He is found under a pile of leaves dead. He was killed by the same gun as Green. It is found out that Zubov didn't kill them because of the time of death, but that doesn't stop Van Pelt from looking for justice. She goes back to the resort disguised as a masseuse and arrests Zubov for sexual assault. This is the last we see of the man who gives Sergei Zubov a bad name.

Bonding Time

Lisbon goes to hang out with Tommy and Annie. Tommy says he is giving up bounty hunting, but secretly syncs his cell phone to Lisbon's. Lisbon gets a call to meet Rigsby and Jane at the cabin where Steven's body was found for clues. Jane searches an adjacent cabin and plants evidence making it look like O'Brien was at the scene. What a great cop move that is.

Back at the office, Cho returns from the hospital and gets a call from someone who saw O'Brien driving. Van Pelt and Rigsby go out to find him, only to find that Tommy had beat them to him. They take O'Brien in for questioning. He isn't talking, but Lisbon is. Actually she's yelling at Tommy for being an idiot.

Case Closed

Jane releases O'Brien from the interview room and gives him to Tommy, telling him he needs to pick Annie up at the resort. Lisbon and Jane then go to the resort and call Chad telling him to grab Tommy because he has O'Brien. When Tommy arrives, Chad takes him into his office and offers to pay Tommy double his bounty to drop O'Brien off in Mexico. That's not suspicious at all. It turns out that Chad is a coke dealer on the side and that he killed Green and Steven in a deal gone wrong.

He then grabs Tommy and holds him at gun point, only to be shot in the throat by Lisbon. Chad must be related to Superman, because he does not need any medical attention for his gunshot wound. He confesses at the CBI office, and everything falls into place.

On next week's episode, the hunt for a serial killer is on. CBS promises that it is the most intense episode of the season, and I'm going to hold them

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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