'The Mentalist' Recap: Jury Duty
'The Mentalist' Recap: Jury Duty
On this week's episode of The Mentalist, the CBI takes control of a murder trial already in process to prove the innocence of a defendant. It must be a slow week in the office since they have no real murders to solve, but I guess that's what happens with a national murder rate that is at its lowest.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Jane and Lisbon are leaving the court house when they stumble upon a press conference being held for Eve Mulberry who is being tried for murdering her dance instructor Carlos Ruiz. Jane gives her a quick one over and decides that she is too good looking to kill someone in cold blood. He asks her if she loves her parents, and she says yes, so clearly she is innocent. Jane tells the prosecutor that he is going to find the killer, which doesn't make the attorney too happy.

Jane and Lisbon go to the vineyard and winery that Eve owns to let her and her husband know that they are going to find the real killer. Jane does make Eve admit that she was doing mroe than the tango with Ruiz, and that is when Eve's BFF Amy and Eve's little sister join in on the conversation. Talk about an awkward moment to walk into a room.

Back Tracking

The CBI team starts to look through the investigation and Rigsby finds that Ruiz received twenty thousand dollars before he died. The investigation says that it was from Eve to keep the affair quiet, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it was for something seedier. Jane and Lisbon go back to the crime scene, which seems like a tough neighborhood even though the houses seem rather nice, and talk to an elderly neighbor of Ruiz' who says she saw a blond woman at the house the night of the murder. Jane dismisses this to the witness being an old confused lady. Police work at its finest.

Van Pelt and Rigsby talk to the head detective of the investigation and learn that he is pretty terrible at his job, although he is a great shot. They are looking for a man named Riley who Ruiz had called, but Detective Silva never looked into it. Where does this guy work, West Memphis?

Multiple Identities

Rigsby learns that Riley is really a man named Terry Murphy. He is a convicted identity thief. The team lucks out when Cho's favorite CI Summer says she was able to arrange a meeting at a pub with Murphy. Cho gets her wired and they head to the meet up. Murphy shows up and takes Summer behind the pub to buy credit card information off of her. She starts to ask him about Ruiz, and Murphy, who hails from Ireland, says that he did business with him for ATM scanners for twenty thousand dollars, but he never paid him back. Cho and Rigsby go in for the arrest and Summer gets hurt in the process.

Meanwhile, Jane and Lisbon go back the winery and learn that Eve and Amy have been approached by investors to buy the vineyard, but Eve didn't want to sell. Eve also says that she doesn't know who Murphy is so they leave. While I'm not a wine snob, I must say that the red wine looks a lot like juice. I wonder how mad the actors were when they were told they can't get sloshed on set.

Luck o' the Irish

Rigsby has the Bono of identity theft in the interrogation room when Jane comes in with a couple of glasses of tea. Jane finds out that Murphy can set up a new identity for a person for the small fee of two hundred thousand dollars. Jane then leaves the room and gets a handful of surveillance cameras from Lisbon and tells her to let Murphy go. When she give him the okay, he goes back into the interrogation room and tells Murphy that he'll free him in exchange for a deal on getting a new identity. What a deal maker.

Jane then goes into a meeting with Lisbon and Eve and says that cameras were found in Ruiz's house and that they may show who the killer is. His next step is having Rigsby and Cho try out their Irish accents. Rigsby plays along, but Cho doesn't. I was hoping for a remake of the Scotch-Korean Starburst commercial, but no luck. Rigsby then calls someone and reads a script Jane wrote him in his convincingly Irish accent. I guess it would be too hard for Simon baker to play an American doing an Irish accent while being Australian.


Murphy is planning to meet Jane's courier in a parking garage to exchange ten grand for a CD with his new identity. Instead, Murphy is met by Amy who pays him money for a CD she thinks contains camera footage from Ruiz's house. She then pulls a gun, because why not, and is arrested by the team. They only have 7 minutes to get to the court before the verdict is read and clear Eve's name. All I'm saying is Sacramento must have much better traffic than Dallas because they make it right on time. Amy confesses to the murder in order to frame Eve and sell the vineyard.

The episode ends with some kissy face between Cho and Summer, which was predictable, but good for Cho. I guess it will be Summer in February for our intrepid stone face cop.

I know that this show works with a lot of suspension of disbelief, but c'mon. Are you telling me there was not a single murder to allow an entire team of professionals take time away from real work? And was Wainwright okay with this? It looks like the show is starting to run out of ideas, but I guess we'll have to wait and see if any sharks have truly been jumped yet. Am I off base here?

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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