'The Mentalist' Recap: Jane Hunts Two at Once
'The Mentalist' Recap: Jane Hunts Two at Once
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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In this episode of The Mentalist, called "Cherry Picked," Jane juggles working a case for the CBI, while also working to get to the bottom of who drove Lorelei out of prison. 

Wrong place, wrong time

I loved how Jane went through the house and slowly, but surely, figured out that the people who'd been there couldn't possibly be the homeowners. From the music, to the wrong wine picked for pizza and finally to the escaped dog -- it was once again interesting to watch his process. It looked like a classic case of wrong place, wrong time, until of course it wasn't. 

The mastermind

I can't say why I knew it, but I just knew almost from the first moment that we saw them on the computer screen that the kidnapped couple wasn't as innocent as they appeared. The nice twist for me came when it turned out that it was only the wife and the guy acting as the kidnapper who was in on it. I wasn't expecting the husband to be innocent in the whole thing, so that was a fun little surprise. It also gave us the chance to have a warm reunion at the end, which was great. 

Jane's other hunt

I never had any doubt that Jane would get to the bottom of what happened to Lorelei and the way he did it was fascinating. Of course he would read that something was off about Walter, but when Jane went to the guy's home, I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen. Jane's conversation with Walter was a bit uncomfortable to watch. The guy was sick, and though I almost felt sorry for him, I was still happy to see the cops show up as Jane was walking out of the door. 

One step closer

Jane is now one step closer to finding Lorelei, which means that he is another step closer to getting to Red John. Of course there are probably ten thousand more steps that he still needs to take, but at least he's a little closer. He now knows that there is a man from the FBI involved and I wonder if this is the same man we saw in the back of the car with the FBI Director. I have a feeling Jane will meet FBI Agent Nemo (which is Latin for "nobody") at some point, but I myself am not convinced that this man is in fact Red John. He might be working for Red John, sure, but not the big guy himself. 

My favorite bits and quotes: 

Jane sneaking up behind Isaac to see what he was texting. 

Jane calling Isaac and asking him what he was wearing. 

Jane playing with the kidnapped couple's fancy sound system. 

Isaac locking himself in a room and refusing to come out like a spoiled teenager. 

"I'll tell if you steal one."

Lisbon's massive eye roll when she had to tell Isaac she felt bad that she'd made him hide. 

"Isaac?" "Lawyer!"

"You're selling beer now, not champagne."

Jane telling off the kidnapper, but reassuring everyone in the room that they would call back. 

"Will you please eat that like a human being and not a sea lion?" - Cho's teeny tiny smile when Rigsby started barking like a seal was awesome. 

Finding Sloan begging for her boyfriend's life a bit pathetic, considering I totally knew she was in on it. 

Lisbon telling Jane to let her help him with the driver. 

Knowing they were setting up Sloan as soon as Lisbon claimed she was hit. 

Jane directing Lisbon and Rigsby in their little radio play for Sloan.

"You don't criticize his performance? Just mine?" "He was good. You?" (grimace)

Lisbon happily volunteering to talk to the reporters, and unhappily realizing she wasn't needed. 

"And no, hitting me won't do any good."

What did you think of this episode of The Mentalist? Did you figure out that it was the wife who had planned the kidnapping? What do you think will happen now that Jane knows who was behind getting Lorelei out of prison? 

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