'The Mentalist' Recap: It's All in the Family
'The Mentalist' Recap: It's All in the Family
On tonight's episode of The Mentalist, Jane and the crew have to get to the bottom of a mob murder. The case becomes a little bit harder with Van Pelt sidelined in the middle of the woods with a hooker, which is what I call camping, all while dealing with the ghost of her dead fiance.

Returned Property

You know that it's going to be a bad day at work when the first thing that happens is that you get a necklace returned to you from your dead ex. This is exactly what happens to Van Pelt when she come back to work. Unsure of what to do with it, she puts it in her desk and heads out to the crime scene of Gabriel Porchetto Jr.

Gabe had the tough life of being raised in the lap of luxury by his mafia don father, Gabriel Porchetto Sr. It seems as though he was in the process of taking over the family business when he was killed partying with a bunch of hookers. Jane starts to question Junior's brother Sergio when Curtis, the family muscle, steps in. They find Janpen, Junior's Chinese hooker girlfriend and Van Pelt takes her in for questioning. Van Pelt gets lost on the way back, and instead of being like a man who refuses to stop to check the map, she pulls to the side of the road when a SUV drives up and a man begins shooting at her and Janpen. Van Pelt speeds off down the back roads and ends up flipping her car.

Lost in the Woods

Van Pelt gets out of her wrecked car and finds Janpen running away. After putting the working girl back in handcuffs the two head out in the woods looking for a way home. In a way it's a lot like Homeward Bound, but without the cuteness of lost pets. While making small talk with Janpen, Van Pelt has a vision. She sees Craig, her dead ex, in the woods. It's either a sign from the other side or post-concussion symptoms.

While Van Pelt is getting back in touch with nature, Jane and Lisbon go in to talk to Senior, who is dying of cancer. They meet Iris, his trophy wife, and their attorney inside. They finally get to Porchetto who says that he suspects the Zetas. Since I live in Texas, I will not speak badly about this gang of ex-special forces soldiers turned cartel drug lords. In the office, Rigsby finds out that Junior wanted to start selling meth in Zeta territory. He goes out to look for clues and runs into Sarah, his girlfriend, and break off lunch with her.

Sleight of Hand

Jane has local enforcement bring in a Zeta to question. Jane starts things off with a game of Find the Queen, which I'm sure would be an effective form of interrogation if used in real life. The gang member says that the Zeta's didn't kill Junio, but they should talk to a biker named Wood. Cho gets Wood's information and goes to find out more. Rigsby uses pictures of the SUV that shot at Van Pelt to identify the shooter as Raynor Marquette. Yes, they did this by using that cheesy "enhance image" thing that exists in all police shows. Cho learns from Wood that Senior may be behind the killing due to an escalating war with the Zetas.

Spirit Quest

After Van Pelt and Janpen make camp for the night, Van Pelt has another conversation with Craig, but when she wakes up Janpen is gone. Whoops. No worries though, Janpen was just peeing in the woods.

Jane goes out and finds a Squash ball, then goes to talk to Senior again. While Van Pelt is looking for spirits in the, Jane asks Porchello if he can have a stiff spirit to drink. Porchello takes out some vodka and the two get drunk together. this Senior guy seems like the nicest mob boss ever.Porchetto passes out, and Jane stuffs the Squash ball under his arm to disguise his pulse. He calls in the family for help and they take him to the hospital.

Family Values

At the hospital Jane is able to get Curtis the Bodyguard to admit that he was pulling a coup to take control of the Family and that he is in charge now that both Junior and Senior are dead. Lisbon then shows him that his boss is still alive and force him to give up Raynor to the police. And where is Raynor anyway...?

He's in the woods shooting at Van Pelt. He underestimates Van Pelt's biggest strength, which is shooting men. She takes him down with a shot, and then fights off Janpen who attacks her from behind. At the office, they find out that Janpen and Raynor work together as hitmen (Hitpeople?) and that they were hired by Curtis to pace the way for his ascension through the family. Afterwards, Van Pelt decides to keep the necklace after reconnecting through the ether. Oh, and remember when Rigsby cancelled his date with Sarah? Well she finally caught up to him and is preggers. I think I understand why Rigsby is trying to stay away. No, not the pregancy, but according to imdb.com, Sarah has had three last names this season. Talk about a serial wife.

Not too shabby of an episode, but nothing too spectacular happened. It seemed a little too easy to get people in the mob to talk, but I guess there's only an hour to get to the bottom of the case. Be sure to tune in net week for another case and hopefully some out-of-wedlock baby stress!

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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