'The Mentalist' Recap: Hello Again
'The Mentalist' Recap: Hello Again
On this week's episode of The Mentalist, Jane gets the help from a former perp to solve the murder of a young woman against Lisbon's wishes. The team gets back to business, except for Rigsby who has a prior engagement.

Visiting Hours

Jane arrives at the scene of a murder at a BART station which could only mean one thing: another police brutality case gone awry. I kid! But he does have to find out who killed Natalie Gibecki. Jane notices that she is dressed for a secret rendezvous, and then gets a phone call. The call is from Erica Flynn, who is no in prison due to Jane catching her. It turns out that she knew Natalie through her match making service and is willing to help, for a price.

Jane and Lisbon visit Erica in prison where Erica says she knows who the killer is. Erica says she knows that Natalie was having an affair with a married man, and would be able to help out if she is given a furlough to look through her old files. Jane is all for the idea, while Lisbon is like me and can't understand how being out of prison will help her work through her files. Jane and Lisbon then meet with Luther who agrees to let her out because it's a "new idea" to have a prisoner help on a case. Apparently he never saw Silence of the Lambs.

Youth in Revolt

Van Pelt and Cho go to the youth center that Natalie worked at to talk to her co-workers. They find out that a kid named Trent escaped the facility and may know more about the murder. They go to the high school and wait, because that's where any kid on the lam would go after breaking free from juvie. Luckily enough, Trent shows up and starts beating up another kid. Cho gets him in custody and back to the office. Trent says that he was trying to fight the kid that got him in trouble, and while in the youth center he saw Danny, one of the workers, getting in a big fight with Natalie. He tried to intervene, but ran away to stay out of trouble with Danny.

Meanwhile, Jane and Lisbon go back to the prison and pick up Erica. Jane acknowledges the fact that she'll probably try to escape, but is still okay with it. Lisbon is still upset and confused about the whole thing. Once again, I agree with Lisbon.

Tag Team Con

Erica and Jane are watching Natalie's old dating videos from Erica's company when they notice a video missing. Erica says that the guy she was having an affair with was from work, and says that Natalie worked at a charity when it started and not the youth center. Jane and Erica go to the charity office and initially claim they are a couple looking to donate. Once they get inside they start to question Greg, the CEO, if he knows anything about Natalie's murder. He says no so they look around the office to find the man she may have been with. Erica finds someone, and lo and behold, it is the adulterer. His name is Richard and he confesses to the affair.

To celebrate Erica finding Richard, Jane takes her to dinner, then to her hotel room afterwards. Inside of the room, Erica starts to put her moves on Jane. He tries to resist, but can't help from engaging in a little bit of Kissy Face with her. After their kiss, Jane awkwardly leaves, making the sexual tension even worse.

Playing Dress Up

Back at the office, Van Pelt is looking at pictures from Mexico that Natalie took on vacation a few weeks prior. There is no evidence of being with a man, but Jane wants the photos anyways. Lisbon is interviewing Richard who claims that he loved Natalie and was supposed to meet her at a bar the night of her murder. She never showed up, but he assumed it was because they had recently broke off the affair.

That night, Erica and Jane go out to a fundraising gala that the charity is holding that night. Jane tells one of the workers that they are performing, and at this point I'm praying a musical number doesn't break out. To my relief, Jane is only going to do some spirit readings instead.

Magic Box

Jane has four volunteers join him on the stage, including Richard and Greg. He has Richard pick a box and reveals it contains a necklace Richard had given to Natalie. Richard breaks down and goes back to his seat. Next, Jane has Greg do the same thing and hi box contains one of Natalie's Mexico pictures. It turns out that Natalie found out that the charity was a sham, and had doctored photos to show made-up orphanages that they were taking money for.

Greg admits to the murder and all is solved. After the gala, Jane tells Erica that her lawyer was just arrested with luggage and cash and that she won't be able to escape. He then takes her outside where Luther signs her over to the police. As soon as they drive away, the real police arrive. Oops. And where has Rigsby been the whole time you ask? He was stuck in baby classes with Sarah, who has gotten really pregnant since the last episode we saw her in. Rigsby then proposes, but Sarah says no because she doesn't want to get married just because she's pregnant. Best baby momma ever.

Another episode in the books, and not much really happened. I think the problem with The Mentalist is the 22-episode seasons. It needs to be condensed to focus more on the long term plot lines and have the gimmicks cut out of it. What do you think?

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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