'The Mentalist' Recap: Hail Mary
'The Mentalist' Recap: Hail Mary
On this week's episode of The Mentalist, the CBI crew is back from a short break to solve a crime dealing with a mistaken death. I guess fake Peyton Manning even has his enemies. Welcome back to television, Jane!

Just What the Doc Ordered

We open this episode at Doc's. Doc's is one of those celebrity sports bars that is owned by a sad former athlete who is still trying to hold on to his fame and glory. After telling a group of guys about his glory days, telling a group of sad wanna-bes about what it is like to do something spectacular with their lives. Doc leaves only to find himself blown to bits by a car bomb.

The CBI team, minus Rigsby, shows up to the crime scene to find out more. Cho is told about Doc, but being a nerd, he has never heard of him. According to doc's stats, he is like Peyton Manning. Good career numbers, but only one championship. Let's hope Peyton's neck heals and he starts playing again, because it would be a shame to find him shilling a crappy sports bar in a year or two.

Jane has Doc's agent and manager take him to Doc's old guest apartment. It turns out that doc is still alive. So alive in fact that he has the ability to have a threesome. Damn jocks, they always have all of the fun. The person who started the car was Doc's assistant Jake. Jane tells the press that Doc is dead in the hopes that it will help him find out who the murderer is. I don't want to spoil the episode early, but this strategy ends up making no difference whatsoever. Trust me.

Living Eulogy

Before the plan can go on, Lisbon has to get permission from Jake's mom that it is okay to ignore the fact that her son died in the public eye. Surprisingly she agrees. You know it's bad when your own mom is willing to ignore your death for the star that you work for. Jane talks to Steve and Alex, Doc's manager and agent. Both of them suspect Doc's girlfriend Marie Sinclaire of trying to kill Doc.

Back in the office, Wainwright gives Lisbon a stack of hate mail from a guy who goes by Megafan8. Apparently this is a guy who spews nonsense on message boards about killing Doc. If this was enough to make you a suspect, I sure hope no Dallas Cowboy dies. They're my favorite team, but I have said pretty terrible things about each player at some point or another on Facebook.

Before Lisbon can find Megafan8, she interviews Marie while Doc watches. Doc is enjoying all the good things that people are saying about him until he forces Marie to go offsides and makes her bad mouth Doc. It looks like you weren't so beloved after all. Anna, Doc's ex-wife, had a bunch of flattering things to say about him in particular that made him feel bad.

Biggest Fan

Jane and Cho go to Doc's alumnus, which I'm sure is some generic TV name like State College or something, to find Megafan8. It turns out that he is there to live tweet the memorial game. Jane has Cho start troll Megafan's comment section and forces him into fighting a guy trying to sell memorabilia.

Chose jumps in at the last minute to tackle the internet loser. IMDB says that the actor who played "Megafan" has only been in this show, but I specifically recall him in teen movies from the 90s. I remember he played the red headed kid who put his pubes on a pizza to bully some kid and was forced to eat it. Was it She's All that? If you remember, please let me know in the comments, this is driving me insane.

Well it turns out that Megafan had nothing to do with the murder, was just disgruntled at being blownoff by Doc one day. Listen nerd, athletes have no time for you. Back in the office Doc is presented with picture of him with a guy who he neglected to mention. His name is Arnold Green, and he is part of an organized crime syndicate who Doc gambled on games with. It looks like Doc will one day be signing "I'm sorry for betting" balls just like Pete Rose.

The Grass is GREEN-er

Lisbon and Jane go to talk to Green, but he blows them off. Jane has Lisbon arrest Martin, one of Green's henchmen who had a run in with Doc. Like all television henchmen, Martin is not what you would call a smart man. Jane makes him think that he is talking to the ghost of Doc and has him admit to the extortion and illegal gambling that Green has. Jane also gets the ridiculous name of Louie "Louie-Boom" Corrado, an explosives expert, out of Martin.

The team goes back and arrests all of Green's gang. They also go back to the office to talk to Anna, Doc's ex-wife, again and she admits to still loving Doc. Doc then comes out like a zombie and shows Anna the love that he neglected to share before. Anna takes the news of her deception rather well.

The Usual Suspects

Jane has a line-up put together for Steve and Alex to look at to identify Louie-Boom. He puts Rigsby in the line-up, and he is the one that Steve fingers for the bad guy. Jane corners Steve into admitting that he is the one who killed Jane. It would have been a better twist if Rigsby really was the one who killed Jake but Jane never figured it out. I guess that's too unpredictable for the average CBS audience though.

Apparently Steve was mad about being walked on by Doc. Listen Steve, you're the guys manager. That means that you get a portion of his money in return for your dignity. Deal with it. You're getting paid to be a yes-man. I would kiss anybody's ass for a few million a year.

After a weird on-again, off-again schedule, we are finally back with The Mentalist. Not a bad episode, but I am still wanting more of a long-term storyline with Red John. I doubt it will be coming next week, since they uber-gimmicky "amnesia episode" is coming. Sounds like fun.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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