'The Mentalist' Recap: Best of 'Little Red Book'
'The Mentalist' Recap: Best of 'Little Red Book'
This week on The Mentalist, Jane must adjust to life with his new team while trying to bring his old one back together. So why can't we all just get along and enjoy another episode of The Mentalist?

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Well, Jane got his badge back to work with the CBI, but he finds out that Lisbon is still on suspension, which is apparently code for fired in the CBI. Jane is then sent to a murder scene to work with a new team headed up by Agent Hafner. His other team member are the easily suggestible Agent Masterson, the hulking Agent Niskin, and the Napoleonic Agent Tork. Don't worry, all of these little ticks will make more sense later.

It seems that the victim is a guy named Markus Kuzmenko, who was bludgeoned to death. After checking out the crime scene, Jane gives Lisbon a visit to ask her about Hafner. She says that he is a "by the book" guy, which obviously doesn't mix well with the "I only read books for the pictures" Jane. Jane leaves to go back to the office to find that Rigsby is stuck doing security, and there is no word on where Cho or Van Pelt are. Jane tells Rigsby to let Cho know about a secret meeting happening soon.

Jane Says

So it turns out that Cho was hired on to the same team as Jane to be Hafner's eyes and ears over Jane. Well he's not keeping a close enough eye on him because Jane is sitting in the office goading Tork about how Niskin obviously thinks he's a bigger stronger man. I don't know why this upsets Tork, because Niskin is clearly a bigger stronger man. Anyways, the seeds are planted in the mind of Tork that Niskin has it out for him, and with this job done Jane heads to the gym that Markus worked at to find out more.

Apparently Markus was the Don Juan of Work-It gym and was giving his clientele his own version of a hard work out, if you catch my drift. While walking around the gym Jane finds a girl and asks her how Markus made love, which would upset anybody. She goes in to talk to Cho and they find out that Markus did this a lot. While this is happening, Tork receives a gift of platform shoes which causes him to go into a rage, and his cute little arms and legs move in a flurry towards Niskin. Jane's plan is working.

Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Jane decides to go visit Markus' home to figure out more about him. Hafner doesn't trust Jane so sends Masterson with him. While looking through the house Jane hypnotizes Masterson, and he didn't even use a swinging watch. What a feeble minded fool. Masterson comes to and Jane denies doing anything. Later Jane, Van Pelt, Cho, and Rigsby have their secret meeting, but they didn't show the secret knock or handshake to get in, so how secret is it? They decide that it is up to them to solve Markus' murder before Hafner to get Lisbon back. Right after this meeting, Cho goes into Hafner's office to tell him that Jane is doing very bad things. Why Cho?!? Have you no loyalty?

See Ya, Sally

So Lisbon has nothing else to do in her house and decides that she should go see Sally Carter, demented child abductor, to find out if her husband Tim was really Red John. Well, it's hard to get answers out of a person who is dead, so I guess we'll never know. It seems that Sally decided to sharpen a spoon, one of the least sharp objects in the world, to slice her wrists open. At least she left a nice note saying that Red John was her Jesus or some such. As she is doing this, Cho and Riggins go to Markus' house to break in and find info which could help them solve the murder faster, only to find that Hafner has found his super secret sex book. Not to worry though, this will cause him more problems and solutions. Jane planted the book for Hafner to find during Masterson's hypnosis.

Welcome Back

Jane and Lisbon head back to the gym with magic blood spray to find the murderer of Markus. In Jane like fashion he makes people say the things he wants them to say in order to corner his culprit, who turns out to be the gym owner, Jocelyn. It turns out she killed Markus because he was going to open his own gym and put her out of business, which I'm pretty sure is the same story line in the movie Dodgeball. With the success of solving this case, Bertram brings back Lisbon and the team can move on. Before that though, Jane brings Rossalyn, blind house mate of Red John, to feel the face of Tim Carter. Not only is that gross, but she reveals that that isn't Red John.

It looks like we're getting out of the gimmicky episodes (Jane in jail and the team broken up) so we can move forward in the hunt for Red John. Next week on The Mentalist, the team works a case with a con man of its own.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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