[Video] First Look at CBS' New Fall 2014 Comedy 'The McCarthys'
[Video] First Look at CBS' New Fall 2014 Comedy 'The McCarthys'
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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On the third day of the Upfronts, CBS is front and center -- and many changes have been made to the schedule for current shows. But what about the newbies making their debut during the 2014-2015 television season?

The network is launching only one new comedy in the fall and then only one more mid-season. The rest are all dramas, including NCIS and CSI spin-offs and Madam Secretary.

But back to the comedies. A trailer has been released for The McCarthys, so read on to find out what the show is about and to watch the preview.

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The McCarthys

Time Slot: Thursdays at 9:30pm

Premise: Who are the McCarthys? They're from Boston. They're loud. They're sports fanatics. Oh, and Arthur, the outspoken and politically incorrect father, has chosen his athletically-challenged son, Ronny, to be his assistant coach for the high school basketball team. The problem? All Ronny wants to do is move away and take a job in Rhode Island, but now things have changed. The series stars Tyler Ritter, Laurie Metcalf, Jack McGee, Jimmy Dunn, Joey McIntyre and Kelen Coleman.

Prognosis: CBS is known for its multi-camera comedies, and The McCarthys is no different in that regard. But let's be clear: this is not The Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, Mike and Molly or any of the other strong comedies the network currently airs. Based on the trailer, the only thing that's great about this show is that one of the cast members is Laurie Metcalf, who we all know from The Big Bang Theory and Roseanne. I only laughed a few times while watching the trailer -- and even then my reaction was a bit tepid. Unless the ratings are strong right out of the gate, I expect The McCarthys won't last beyond a first season.

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What do you think of The McCarthys? Will it be a success or a failure?

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