The Lying Game's Randy Wayne: 'If Justin Doesn't Have Laurel, He Doesn't Have Anything'
The Lying Game's Randy Wayne: 'If Justin Doesn't Have Laurel, He Doesn't Have Anything'
If you think Randy Wayne is just another pretty face on ABC Family's The Lying Game, then surely you found yourself saying "not exactly". He did hook up with Laurel (Allie Gonino), but he split up with her, and as it turns out, he's in Phoenix for another reason: because he holds Ted (Andy Buckley) responsible for the death of his mother.

So, what's Justin to do? Can he find a way to reconnect with Laurel? Or will he settle for another blonde? Yes, he did mention another blonde in a recent conference call with reporters, highlights of which are just after this sentence.

On whether Laurel and Justin will ever get back together: "I think that Laurel gets a sense that Justin is actually 100% being honest with her ... she really wanted to believe him and she wants to trust him, so it's a big moment for their relationship. I guess the big question is, I don't think Ted's going to accept them being together now after what his motives are. You don't want a kid around that wanted to come and get revenge on you, dating your daughter, even if it's out in the open now."

On what else stands between Laurel and Justin: "Ted obviously is not going to want them to date ... so they have to start hiding the relationship. And that's going to be a whole new thing, where Justin doesn't want to do that anymore. He wants to be honest, but now he has to still hide a relationship and still, in a way, lie about it. And that means that Laurel's being brought into the lies, which she hasn't really been involved in yet. And also she's in a band, and [that] causes a big distraction from Justin and I'm sure [he'll] start getting a little jealous of the attention the band's getting over him."

On Justin's next move: "Love conquers all, and in this situation, I think he just wants to forget about [Ted's past] and just focus all of his attention on Laurel. As far as I know, Justin just wants to focus on her to make it work."

On who has the most to lose for the rest of the season: "If Justin doesn't have Laurel, he doesn't have anything. He moved to Arizona for a certain reason and then that reason's over, and now he's only there for one more and that's Laurel, so if he doesn't have her, I don't see what reasoning would be to be there anymore. Then obviously Emma, because without Ethan or without a family she has nothing to go back to, just like Justin, so they'd both be on their own."

On working with Alexandra Chando: "She's brilliant to work with because she takes her work very seriously. She's not the kind that actually comes to set and goofs around when she does a scene. She has no problem piping up and asking the writer and director and the producer and saying how we can make this work .. Then off-set, once she's separated from the two, she's just a fun young girl and just loves life. She's always high on life."

On his dream guest stars on The Lying Game: "We could have Paul Giamatti as my dad. That would be interesting. But in the realistic world, I don't know. I think it would be fun to have someone like, I forget her name, the girl from Glee, the pretty blonde girl." [Note: I'm assuming he means Dianna Agron.]

The Lying Game returns tonight from 9pm on ABC Family.

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