'The Lying Game' Sneak Peek: Where Are You, Sutton?
'The Lying Game' Sneak Peek: Where Are You, Sutton?
The last time The Lying Game was on, Sutton took a plunge -- literally, into a lake, while driving a car. That one thing should put Emma on edge, as the relationship between her and the twin sister she's pretending to be gets, umm, chillier.

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The Lying Game returns on January 2 with the question: where is Sutton? One thing's for sure: it's not in her car. Here's a sneak peek from the midseason premiere, "O Twin, Where Are Thou?", which further puts Emma (and Ethan) on edge:

The game is obviously still on, but the stakes have never been higher: with the real Sutton gone, can Emma still be Sutton? Also, where is Sutton?

The Lying Game returns (featuring Buffy's Charisma Carpenter) on January 2 from 9pm on ABC Family.

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