'The Lying Game' Recap: The Lying Games Have Just Begun!
'The Lying Game' Recap: The Lying Games Have Just Begun!
In tonight's episode of The Lying Game, "When We Dead Awaken," it starts off with the mysterious note about Emma needing to keep being Sutton or she's next. So, right where we left off, we delve into the world of the Lying Games!

Laying Low

Thayer and Ethan feel like it is just a part of Sutton's Lying Games. Thayer says, "The only way not to win a Lying Game is not to play." With that being said, Thayer thinks it is better for everyone to lie low and pretend like nothing weird is going on. Is that honestly the best solution to all this? I personally think it's going to land the trio in more danger than ever before. Sutton isn't going to be happy if she is indeed behind this. If you ask me, she wants someone to toy with.

Derek's Baaack!

Derek is back at school trying to appear invisible. Emma tries to get an apology -- and of course more -- out of Derek, but instead she just yells about breaking Char's heart. Mads can't even believe that he could show his face on campus! Teenage drama right there!

Thayer brings up Derek to Alec about trying to figure things out because he knows that his dad couldn't possibly want to help Derek out. His dad tells him, "You never know when you could use another friend." Hmm...it seems as though Alec could always use a friend to manipulate to do his dirty work. After all, we wouldn't want good 'ol Alec getting caught in a mess!

Kristin, Rebecca, Santa Barbara

Emma's fake parents, Kristen and Ted, run into Rebecca and she asks Rebecca for intel on great places in California for an anniversary getaway. Rebecca starts naming off places, but fails to mention the one location that she is after, which is Santa Barbara. When asked, Rebecca says she has never been there.

Grab Sutton's Attention

Emma has already taken over Sutton's social life, but apparently it just isn't enough. She is going to go after her educational life, too, at TSMU. She is going to go to the school and get a "feel" for it. As soon as Sutton finds out, she's going to come running, out in the open, and confess it all...or so Ethan and Thayer think.

Well, that was the plan until Laurel talks Sutton out of it because it will devestate Ted. But then Sutton decides to go to the college again just in case Sutton decides to blow everything up at the last minute at the college. After all, it would be perfect timing, wouldn't it? Esepcially for Sutton Mercer since she likes to be the center of attention.

Alec at Ethan and Dan's House? Why?

Emma and Ethan head home, to Ethan's house, to find a car in the driveway. Turns out, it is Alec, who is inside with Ethan's older brother, Dan, arguing...and it doesn't look pretty. It seemed totally personal and not business, so it wasn't just a DA/police officer thing.

Ethan ends up, the next day, sitting down with Dan trying to have a personal conversation, obviously trying to get something out of him since he brings up Alec's car being in the driveway and their heated argument. Dan makes up some stupid stuff that Ethan doesn't believe and Ethan goes off on Dan wanting to know the truth. Dan ends up telling Ethan that he was going to get in trouble for dealing to this rich girl years ago even though he hadn't. He was going to get 25-40 years, but Alec made it go away for him.

Dan ends up calling Alec telling him about their "company" the other night. Wonder what Alec will do about it? With that crazy guy, there is absolutely no telling!

Ted and Emma Visit College

Emma opens up to Ted about her godfather, saying that Alec scares her sometimes. That was ultimately a bad mistake in my eyes! Ted gets pretty defensive of Alec. A wall totally went up. Alec calls on a different day and Ted reveals that Sutton (well, Emma, you know!) is asking questions about him. Alec acts as though he doesn't even care.

On the court, though, Emma is confronted by the coach with her Sutton Mercer mean girl rep because the tennis team does not want that at all. When she gets to the admissions office, she is told she was a long shot! The admissions counselor wants to know about Sutton and what's behind the girl that wants to play tennis at the college. Emma pretty much tells her own story and wins the counselor over with her second chance, seeing hope story -- which wasn't actually that bad!

Justin...Still Freakishly Looney!

Justin goes all freakish with Laurel again. What the hell is his deal? She's waiting on him and he gets aggravated when they meet. He is trying to spend time with a teammate and feels that Laurel is stopping him from doing so. Before the end of the conversation, Justin is breaking up with Laurel, who is absolutely devastated, obviously. Look at that boy! But damn has he got some issues! I just can't wait to find out what those issues are...they've gotta be deep!

Laurel speaks to Emma and reveals that she thinks everything has to do with their dad. Justin says that he isn't the person that she thinks he is and blah, blah, blah. What is the deal with that anyway? Was Ted the driver of a car that killed his mom in the car accident?

Laurel finds Justin later and tries to reconcile their relationship, but Justin is just a freaking jerk about it. Justin goes up to his room and kicks the box that has been holding all his secrets. It reveals an autopsy report...his mother's, maybe? Why does he still have it? Does he not think what is on the report is the truth? It doesn't really matter because he ends up burning it. Is he letting the past go?

Char Goes with Dad, Rebecca Stays Behind

Phyllis goes to rehab and Char's dad actually wants her. So, Rebecca's plan didn't work out because she wanted to take Char in her arms and nurture her. Rebecca ends up showing up at Ted and Kristin's for, I guess, a heart-to-heart, if you will. Isn't it crazy how close they are? They act like they are best friends, and I don't know about you, but Ted doesn't like it at all.

Alec gets a call from the psychiactic clinic.

Is Sutton Dead or Alive?

Ethan and Emma are at Ethan's house waiting on Thayer. Thayer shows up with news that he thinks Sutton is dead and he's pretty sure he knows who may have killed her. And it wasn't Ethan! Thayer thinks it is Annie Hobbs, the birth mother of twins that never wanted to be found. They find out that Annie broke out and disappeared.

They all three join forces and head to Sutton's home to reveal to them that they are pretty certain Sutton is dead and the truth of who Emma really is. No one is home, though, so they go to her room. Each of them start giving somewhat of an eulogy.

Sutton appears at the window just after the given speeches with a smart-ass grin on her face. What's going to happen now? She is ready to play, and it looks like you are going to play whether you want to or not. And it isn't going to be a matter of winning, but surviving. Look out, it appears as though the Lying Games have only just begun.

Stacy Smith
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