'The Lying Game' Recap: Secrets on Top of Secrets Revealed!
'The Lying Game' Recap: Secrets on Top of Secrets Revealed!
Finally, we have gotten some answers to some of the questions that we have been asking for a dozen episodes of The Lying Game. We got answers tonight on why Justin has a grudge against Ted, who saved Sutton from the drowning car (although, sorry guys, no answer to whom the masked mystery person was IN the car although I'm thinking Derek!). However, there are still plenty of questions to be answered ... read on to find out some of these questions.

Sutton's Baaack!

Sutton appeared in last week's episode at the very end, leaving a lot of turmoil among fans. This week, Sutton is totally back in the picture jeopardizing Emma's stay at the Mercer house - AND her relationship with Ethan. Yikes! Emma better be prepared because I believe Sutton is ready to play some games to get her life back.

Sutton claims she has absolutely no idea who sent the threatening letter with the piece of a black and white dress. So, if it wasn't Sutton, who was it? Maybe it was Alec, because I'm pretty sure he has caught on to what is going on. Or if not Alec, then his accomplice, Derek. And how did Sutton get out of the lake? It was none other than the woman they believe to be their biological mother, crazy Annie Hobbs.

A New Brit Makes His Debut

Ryan, a handsome yet mysterious British gentleman, made his appearance on the show tonight. And he's called dibs on Mads, even though she doesn't seem particularly interested - or at least not yet. The time I'm sure will come since he is supposedly her new love interest. And who would say no to ballet tickets delivered with a pizza? Ryan definitely has uniqueness up his sleeve, but I just wonder, what else is up his sleeve? There's got to be something that brought him to Phoenix, and I doubt that it was just the hot sun and beautiful, rich gals. Only time will tell...

Laurel Brings the Good Mad to a Charity Event

Hoping for a good pick-me-up night for Laurel, all things didn't end on a good note for the freshly broken hearted blonde, as she saw Justin with another girl at Sutton's party. And guess who's shoulder she cried on? Nope, not Mom's; not Emma's; not Sutton's, but Rebecca's. Rebecca convinced her to bring her musical charm to a charity event that her mom was hosting. Annie, who plays Laurel, brought her own band, The Good Mad, to Laurel's mom's charity event to perform. Quite a performance if I do say so myself - what a freaking set of pipes that girl has on her. I hope to hear more of that soon!

While it was great of Rebecca to befriend her, I'm still a little leery of her. She came back to town out of the blue, and I just can't help to think that she has something up her sleeve herself.

In the meantime, Rebecca and Alex are heating things up with their relationship. But, I just don't know if that's a good idea. Obviously, there is history with them two as well as Ted.

Justin's Secret is Revealed!

Finally, the truth is out of why Justin holds a grudge against Ted. So, apparently, Justin blames Ted for the death of his mother. Yes, I know, we knew that. But, the reason why has nothing to do with a car accident because that isn't how she died. (Always surprising twists and turns in the plot and storyline, and the truth is never as it seems.) Ted was the doctor that was operating on his mom when she needed to have her appendix operated on. Supposedly, he received a phone call during the operation and was never the same during surgery afterwards. Shame, shame, Ted. You should never take phone calls during a surgery operation - I mean, is that legal? What kind of distraction could have kept a man from performing a routine operation correctly? Damn, I can't wait to find out what kind of bomb was dropped on him!

While I feel for Laurel, I think after Justin met Laurel and got to know her, he fell for her. That's why this whole thing has been so hard for him. However, he could have made everyone's life a hell of a lot easier if he would have just came out and told the truth a lot sooner. But, hey, that's drama television for ya!

So, what was your favorite part of the show? Justin's big reveal? Annie's real-life band playing? Sutton's return? And do you think that with Sutton staying at Ethan's that his relationship with Emma can hold up? And just what do you think is Rebecca's motive for not just being in town but befriending Laurel?

Stacy Smith
Contributing Writer

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