'The Lying Game' Recap: Best of 'Twinsense and Sensibility'
'The Lying Game' Recap: Best of 'Twinsense and Sensibility'
On tonight's episode of The Lying Game, the twins (Alexandra Chando) find out that DNA is not all they have shared and Alec (Adrian Pasdar) tries to prevent Emma from learning more than she already does.

Top Five Moments:

5. Nisha plays naughty: Looking to cause a rift in Sutton's groups of friends, Nisha (Sharon Pierre-Louis) takes pictures of Mads (Alice Greczyn) and her ballet instructor in a compromising position and tells Char (Kirsten Prout) about it. Char had already been feeling alienated from her friends and learning that Mads might have a secret boyfriend sends Char over the edge.

4. Laurel takes the blame: Laurel (Allie Gonino) is feeling generous after Emma helped her get things on track with her love life, so she confesses to stealing Sutton's laptop (even though we all know Alec was the real thief). Thanks to Laurel's faux confession, the charges against Ethan (Blair Redford) are dropped.

3. Nightmare-sharing as a bonding technique?: Emma has an awful dream about drowning and Sutton's mom comforts her, commenting that it has been years since Sutton had those dreams and Emma realizes both girls had the same nightmares as kids. Sutton believes the dreams were prompted by something that happened to Emma and she simply felt it through 'twinsense', a sort of psychic connection some twins are said to have. Sutton thinks if Emma can remember the traumatic event that happened in her childhood, it could lead them to their birth mom.

2. Ethan helps Emma make a break-through: Emma asks Ethan to help her remember the drowning incident from her nightmares and he agrees. When Emma fails to make any progress, she throws the photo of her birth mom into the fire and it sparks a memory -- Emma and Sutton's dreams were not about drowning, but suffocating in a fire.

1. All About Annie: Sutton manages to track down the location of the fire Emma was in as a child and Emma recognizes the house by the painted stars on her bedroom ceiling. Also on the ceiling was the name 'Annie Hobbs' and the twins think that might be their birth mother's real name. Unfortunately, Ted (Andy Buckley) and Alec find out that Emma uncovered Annie's name and Alec swears he will take care of it. This, after he spent the entire episode telling Ted that his daughter could never learn the truth -- that her birth mother is still alive.

On the next episode of The Lying Game, Emma has a lot to lose and the show moves to an earlier time-slot (8:00 pm.)

Megan Cole
Contributing Writer

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